Friday, December 3, 2010

Thrifting with Alexa Chung...

I don't know much about Alexa Chung. She caught my eye a while back in some magazine because I very much identify with the gangly, flat-chested types and love to examine what they are wearing to see if it is a style I can adopt for my own wardrobe. Her style is adorable; a sort of an 80's-romantic-Oliver Twist amalgamation of brogues and shorts and layers. Not really my style scene, but she got a bookmark in my brain and life carried on.

The image that introduced me to Chung. She was DJing at an event in a Burberry sequin dress + chunky sweater topper-- thus began my love of sparkly things (this even made it onto my inspiration wall!)

Now she has popped back up on my radar for more than a snippet/photo-op in Vogue. I read an article on that described how she and a higher up will be hosting the show "Thrift America" on PBS. Shopping for vintage treasures with a gal who is kind-of cool despite no one knowing what she actually does actually sounds pretty appealing, so I will be sure to tune in (and way to go PBS for branching out beyond Charlie Rose- that man scares me).

The show doesn't debut until this summer, so in the meanwhile I will plan to do a little vintage shopping of my own (advice anyone?) and google-image-stalk Alexa to see what this gal is all about. Results of my stalking? So glad you asked:

Normally I credit my photos, but my sources didn't list sources, so here's to theft!

Are you a fan? Or just as mystified as much of America as to what her sitch (situation) is?


  1. Ok I admit I'm a full on Chung stalker! I completely enamoured by her style! What got me looking (or should I say stalking...) was a picture of her with that amazing Mulberry satchel now appropriately named the "Alexa"! I too am so looking forward to her show next summer! Never been vintage shopping really either so I don't know where to start!

  2. I find her style amazing and she really knows what looks great on her! I am really looking forward to her show..Should be fun
    Happy Friday, darling

  3. I am a HUGE Alexa fan and am completely enamored with her effortless style! And what a genius idea for a show...I will definitely be tuning in. xo

  4. I adore Alexa Chung.. She is very pretty and extremely stylish

  5. i really really love her, i think sh's got a great style!

  6. Gorgeousis alexa..:) I love her:)
    she's amazing!! Great style icon

  7. Love her look but I don't think she is as original as people make her seem. Her look can be found on tons of people in lower Manhattan, though I think she pulls it with a certain gamine charm.

  8. i like her style, but i do think there are a lot of people who dress similar so i don't think its particularly unique!

  9. love this style is very amazing!
    If you want...

  10. Definitely a fan! I just blogged about a jacket of hers at Madewell on Thursday. Love it!

  11. She's so gorgeous -- always so chic and put-together!
    xo Josie