Thursday, December 16, 2010

Erin Fetherston for Juicy Couture

I am not a style snob (everyone should have their own style, that's the point after all) but I admittedly give an eye-roll to the gals who strut their Juicy Couture track suits tucked into Ugg boots with their acrylic nails bedazzled in garish crystals that match the ones encrusting their phones that are sticking out of their Juicy handbag made of creepy, 70's carpet-esque velour (or knock off LV or Spy bag) all while talking about how some guy they met out at da clubs won't call them back, etc, etc. (Shudder) That type of mental image is why I have not been a fan of Juicy Couture and why, when it was announced that Erin Fetherston was designing the upcoming collection, I mentally wished Fetherston good luck while wondering if she was committing career suicide.

BUT, I looked at the new collection on shopbop today and although the infamous track suit has not been killed off (sigh) there are actually some very fun pieces to check out:

A very sultry silk jumpsuit:

A cute little v-back dress:

A fun, printed tunic top:

A silk skirt with very holiday-party-appropriate draping:

Tiny little heart-shaped leaf earrings:

A cool metal headband:

Are you excited about the design change? Or are you the classic Juicy fanatic girl I described above? (If you are, let me know-- no really, you might be my neighbor)...


  1. Im really excited about this. That v-back dress is beautiful:) Great pieces,sweetie
    Happy Thursday

  2. I seriously could not agree more...what is it about those sweats suit chicks and their nails?! lol. But I think Erin did a fab job designing her collection for the jumpsuit! xo

  3. I love her designs for Juicy. She definitely made it more sophisticated!

  4. I love that v-back dress! I think that Erin's designs for Juicy are fantastic -- so pretty.
    xo Josie