Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How to I Wear: Lace-Up Booties...?!

My darling BF got me these Jeffery Campbell "Loggins" lace-up booties for my birthday:

(I liked them but thought they were too pricey to justify...and then these show up at my door...he's good).

I sent them back to exchange the size, but I am excited to wear them... but how?! I am used to wearing dressier non-lace-up wedge booties for evening, but I don't know how to wear booties for casual, everyday wear (AZ weather is more conducive to flip flops, not boots) so I scoured the internet for ideas. I found a few outfits with my specific boot and a few more with the same type of boot:

This girl took the initiative to post three different outfits with the "Loggins"!

The "Loggins" transition well from day-to-night:

You might have guessed I like chambray...naturally I love it with boots!

Keiko Lynn looking adorable with her boots + tights + belted scarf:

Gotta love a cuffed trouser!

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I can't wait for the right size to come in the mail so I can experiment with outfits! How would you wear these boots? Any suggestions would be great!


  1. OH my gosh - I LOVE them! What a great present!

  2. i was totally going to say shorts + tights or just plain shorts maybe w/some socks bunched around the ankle. you could easily do t or tank + long cardi over. or t w/a bright scarf? very very cute boots!! lucky!!

  3. OMG Now I want some!! I have two pairs of lace up boots but they dont have a heel!! I feel like the heel makes such a difference!!! HOT HOT HOT!


  4. I'd tuck in jeggings for sure -- so cute. Anna Jane at See Jane had a similar issue and has been rocking her Zara booties fabulously since!
    xo Josie