Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas with the people you love most. I am definitely enjoying my time back home with my family and will certainly return home with a cheery disposition (and a few extra lb's). Things have calmed down and I have time to catch-up on blogs and emails, so I thought I'd post a few of my favorite things from today...

 Cinnamon rolls with gooey glaze (way better than icing, trust me!) are a tradition for Christmas breakfast.

This year, the tree was decorated with my grandparents' vintage ornaments from the 1930's and 40's. It's nice to have mementos around to remind me of them :)

And because it's okay to get excited about your presents like a little kid, I have some of my gifts on display. I loved everything that I received (my family members are the MOST thoughtful. Ever.) and am especially excited about my two new pairs of Sam Edelman flats because I can put them to use immediately! (FYI- they are on top of a new trench coat in the photo, just in case the background looks funny)....

*Sorry for the poor photo quality, but I forgot to pack necessary camera equipment and have been using my phone... and I am lazy, don't judge*

The best part, of course, is my family, but I will reserve plastering their faces all over the internet for Facebook ;) I hope you are all having a very Merry Christmas and that you are looking forward to the New Year as much as I am!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Week Three of Unemployment: No Criminals! (Knock on wood)

No police officers or criminals banging down my front door this week, so I have felt a little bored at times, but my lackadaisical leanings vanish when I remember that I am going home for Christmas for two whole weeks on Saturday morning! This week has been a scramble of present-making, laundry and brainstorming for packing two weeks of clothing for a variety of events into ONE suitcase. It is a mind-bloggling game of tetris that could take now until I leave to figure out, but I am determined to make it work.

Concerning this week's happenings, I would post about the presents I have been making, but I can't ruin the surprise for the intended recipients, so instead, here is my packing inspiration of the week:

I think I might need to pack a little more color, but I love that these few, simple pieces come together to create an awesome outfit. I think "keep it simple" should be my mantra over the next few days.... What tips to you have for efficient and stress-free packing?
Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week Two of Unemployment: a Manhunt and a Hathunt...

When I awoke Monday, the air was full of promise. I had slept in, but not too late, (9 o'clock feels decadent but not guilt-inducing), and a delightful pair of squirrels were chatting with each other on my bedroom windowsill, sunning themselves. Feeling like Snow White/Cinderella from nature's morning embrace, (a distant embrace from outside a closed window, but whatever, I am trying to think abstractly), I cleaned for a bit and then, still riding high on the positive energy of the day, pulled out the netbook and started searching for jobs. Not 15 minutes into searching, there is pounding on my front door, so I scuffle, (fuzzy socks + hardwood floors necessitate scuffling), over to see who it is and I am shocked to see it is the police! My happy-Disney-esque-high plummets into fear as I wonder if A- there is a murderer on the loose, B- the Bf has been killed in a car accident or C- one of my elderly neighbors has been injured, or worse. As it turns out, scenario "A" is the closest to being accurate; the police ask me if "Andrew"is home and when I respond that there is no one by that name living here, they tell me that my address is his last known residence and they are looking for him. I don't know what this guy did, but not only was there a uniformed cop present, there was also cop wearing a suit + overcoat, (a detective? I need to watch Law and Order again to revisit the hierarchy and dress code), pacing up and down my driveway, barking on a phone about how the subject is "on the run and needs cover" and other things I couldn't hear because of my conversation with the uniformed officer.

As quickly as they barged into my day, the officers retreat, but not before the uniformed officer apologizes to me for waking me up (What is he talking about?! Oh wait, I'm in my pj's...great) and I respond, "Oh, no, I've been up for a while" because for some reason I don't want the officer to think I am somehow he knows I am unemployed and he is making sure I get my laundry done?! Ha, I am fully aware that I am a dork and I fully embrace it, don't worry.

ANYWAY, after they left I started to wonder if this bandit-on-the-lam will show up at my house? Or maybe his evil bank-robbing cronies come here because this is "his last known address"?? Though I knew the chances of that were infinitesimally small, every creak in the floor boards gave me the chills and the tiny scratching sounds of the squirrels outside were no longer adorably endearing, they were sinister and scary.

Did I go crazy and hide in the linen closet until the Bf came home from work? No, but that would have meant for a lot of self-reflection and I probably would have figured out what I want to do with my life, so maybe that would have been a good option......Instead, I got out of my funk the most effective way I know how: shopping. And since I failed to mention earlier that it was ice-raining all day, online shopping seemed to be the best option and shopping for a hat to wear in the cold, snowy weather seemed like the perfect prize. Is it ironic that a man-hunt inspired a hat-hunt? I don't know, but check out some of the affordable winter hats I found:

1. Knit fabric and structure combine in this braided trim fedora from Forever21.
2. I love the look of layering, so why not continue the look on my head? Grace Hats Curi Watch Beanie at Urban Outfitters.
3. I have a friend who loves a good turban, so I thought of her when I saw this! I like the shape because it is like having earmuffs built into the hat! Free People knitted turban beanie.
4. I don't know if I am cool enough to rock this 70's-inspired, wide brim number, but I like thinking that I could ;) Deena & Ozzy felt floppy hat at Urban Outfitters.
5. I know I say this a lot, but I am amused that southwest prints are having a moment and I love this beanie's bright color palate. Coal Taos beanie.
6. This tweed fedora is classy and a little tattered--just off-beat enough to channel your inner-Olsen with a cool coat and leather leggings. JCrew two-tweed fedora.

Which one would you wear? And if you live in a climate with "real" winters, what tips and tricks do you use to pick the perfect topper?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I was in a terrible mood earlier this week. My enthusiastic attitude resulting from winning an amazing scarf give-away ( from this awesome shop--check out her blog!) was dashed when my camera broke. And by broke, I mean it literally fell on the ground and will not be working anytime soon. BUT, how can I let this get me down when there is so much I should be thankful for today?

I saw this on the DvF facebook page and thought it was tres chic and tres appropriate. I think I will make a list for myself today! I hope everyone has a happy and healthy Thanksgiving with their loved ones!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Yours truly is terrible at maintaining a blog! This should not be news to you, but it is strange considering I enjoy creating posts of my favorite things and new trends and that reading blogs is part of my daily routine. I think my priorities have gotten a little out-of-focus (but that is a topic for a whole other blog... focused on therapy! hehe) but something about feeling settled after the big move has made me want to realign the important things (and the fun things) in my life to hold a higher place on my "totem pole of focus"... In an effort to inject a little change in my life, I took a fun class this semester, I am creating a home office, (hopefully better and more consistent posts will result!), and I put in my two weeks notice at work....which is terrifying, but I know it will be good for me. I have been working a ton and will be up until the end (which is Sunday), so sorry for the lack of posts, but I will have plenty of time for posting when I am free! And unemployed (read: heart palpitation)!

In the meanwhile, I am looking for sweaters and warm wear and have been looking for ways to incorporate fun trends into my winter wardrobe. (How can I make a snow suit look less like... a snow suit??) We all know southwestern prints are having a moment and I have been enjoying the Pendleton "Portland Collection" lookbook for that reason:

Just one of the looks. But see the rest here.

I have also been spending an inordinate amount of my free (and "should be doing productive things") time on Pinterest. If any of you are on the site and I don't follow you yet, holla at your girl because I love discovering new boards. Check out my boards here and if you aren't on Pinterest yet, leave me a comment and I will invite you :)

I hope that this pre-Thanksgiving week finds everyone happy and healthy and to all of you peeps with M-F, 9-5 jobs--- it's almost Friday! ;)

PS- I will be in the Chicago 'burbs for Thanksgiving, any suggestions for fun and fantastic happenings that weekend? I would normally go shopping to get my Zara-fix,etc, but Black Friday + Chi-Town just seems like unnecessary stress! Maybe one of those flea markets is happening? Or something involving hot cocoa? hehe

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This year I am working late, so I left candy in a bowl near the door for the Bf to hand out to kiddies...if there are any? (As it is our first Halloween in our new neighborhood, we have no idea if any kids will ring our bell)  Although I put (a minute amount of) effort into the candy-prep, I have not decorated or even thought about a costume. Instead, I have been spending my precious free hours before work searching for heeled loafers... not so festive, but really fun, I assure you! I have seen two fun pairs with great tassels on blogs recently and now have the itch to get a pair of my own.

When I saw these on  Saucy Glossie, I immediately loved that these heeled loafers are very lady-like, but have an exaggerated tassel for a bit of fun:

But how cool is this super bold Alexander Wang pair from the ManRepeller?!

I think that a trip to the craft store is in order today, too, so I can make these earrings that I saw on I Spy DIY. These would be so fun to wear and are pretty simple to make! (Or I might just be addicted to embroidery thread projects like this one)...

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope today is as spooky (or not spooky) as you can handle!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

{Sketchy} Flea Finds!

I am not a flea market junkie, I swear! But my haul from this last weekend begs to differ ;) I went to not one, but two flea markets (junkie denial seems even more weak now, yes?) and totally scored!

I have been trying to find a desk chair for my slowly-coming-together office and was debating on whether to go modern or vintage. The zig-zag rug (post on that here) is modern, but I am refinishing an antique door from the 1920's to use as the table top for my desk, so the room is a mix of modern and vintage. My debate on which direction to go with the chair was settled when I found this chair waiting for me at the flea market:
 And with a price tag of only $6, I had to take it home with me! (You can see a little bit of the antique door in the background. Hopefully I get it refinished this century!) I think I can incorporate more modern touches with the other furniture and textiles to create a good sense of balance... 

I also found:
I also got these candlesticks for $2. I can't wait to have a variety of silver and crystal holders for tapers and tealights to make a variety of fun arrangements, and these are a great start to my collection.

 And last but not least, I found this cool work on canvas that is sketchy-- in a good way. The frame is a little junky and it needs a light cleaning, but I love this painting, and at $3, the decision to purchase wasn't much of a decision!

Close-up of the vague, sketchy lines.

So I spent $11 total and got a chair, candlesticks and a painting...maybe I am a flea market junkie! That is all for this week, which my garage is happy about because it would like to store cars instead of furniture projects one of these days.... Any design suggestions for the office?

It's almost Friday-- hang in there, everyone!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Coveteur in the Fashion Offices of Rachel Zoe

What a great way to start the week! RZ's show is one of my guilty pleasures, although I wish they would spend less time on Rodg and RZ picking at each other and more time in her vintage archives. The Coveteur's post for today includes looks from said vintage archives as well as shots of her work space, which made me go "bananas" ;) I wish I had my own "branding office"!!
 Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. I die ;)

I love that she puts statement rings that coordinate with nail colors on the bottle of polish.
Effective and attractive organization-- I want to do this!

 The "branding office"...I will take one of these along with 300 pairs of shoes, thanks.

All photos from The Coveteur. Check out the post here. So, do you love RZ or are you over the dramatics of Team Zoe? In any case, I hope everyone's week has started out on the right (well-heeled) foot ;)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Autumnal Embrace ;)

Something is in the air...!  (Besides clouds, pollution and the usuals). I have always thought of autumn as depressing, what with the changing leaves plummeting to the ground-- soldiers in blazing hues perishing in the battle to keep the cold at bay, but people love it. Maybe the cider drinking and pumpkin carving is our last hurrah before resigning ourselves to inevitable hermitage of winter? Let's just say I didn't "get it" until recently. I was enlightened during the camping trip the weekend before last (oh, that fresh air works wonders) and from my experience on Tuesday, my random day-off during the week. I was in the kitchen cooking my usual breakfast (AKA, open almond milk. Pour over cereal. Consume. Complete.) and I had the windows open to take advantage of the fantastic indian summer (is that PC? Everyone says it here, but I just don't know!) of a day when I heard the leaves falling from the trees. That's right-- heard-- the leaves. No one talks about this part! I get the beautiful colors and the breathtaking tragedy of their graceful arch of death and yadda yadda, but the soft, sad, final sound of the leaves connecting with the slight cushion of grass, the slightest breath of air mixed with the tiniest crinklely crunch in a instantaneous-yet-completely-unhurried moment was almost moving. If I had not opened the windows and it had not been the witching-hour between rush hour and mid-morning errand runs, the hour when the street is quiet without vehicle or foot traffic, I would have missed the sound.

Spurred by the intent desire to capture something of the moment, I went outside and gathered up leaves (I probably looked crazy picking them one by one off the lawn, but I had to get the good ones!). Yellows from our tree mixed with the red leaves that traveled over from our neighbor's yard and when I looked at the collection I had amassed in my hands, I knew I would make a wreath. Now, this wreath is not an art project I would normally lay claim to, but it was fun and although it won't last forever (I assume this because I have never made a wreath before and I hold no illusions about my skills in this area) it was a great craft that kept me from shopping for an hour ;)

Here are some pictures of the camping trip that inspired my "autumnal embrace"-- which is what I decided to call the wreath. Just now. I am a genius and so full of it ;) And some pictures of the wreath itself at the end:

 Green trees with a dash of red leaves--something tells me fall is coming!

 After we got home I was obsessed by the table scape I could have made at camp. If I was camping with Martha Stewart and we weren't, like, you know, camping.

 Sneaky-peaky at the layering of leaves...

And the final product. I should have mixed the different colors in a haphazard fashion, but I had intended to make an ombre wreath, but then didn't have the necessary color gradation (Sigh. Nature, can you help a sistah out?!?) Anyway, I enjoy it for two unexpected reasons: 1- It hangs over the square glass peephole in the front door, so when you look out the peephole, it frames your face and you look like a crazy, flamboyant lion and 2- I went to ASU and the bf went to UofA, which he argues is the better school (which is obviously false) -- so a wreath proudly bearing the maroon and gold colors of my ASU Sundevils is hanging on his front door  is hilarious to me! We'll see if he puts that together before the leaves crumble away ;)

What makes you all twitterpated for autumn? Any cheesy crafts you want to admit to? And don't worry, this will hopefully turn back into a fashion blog next week ;) Happy Friday!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday: Gettin' Down to Business...Sort-Of...

I am on my lunch break catching-up on what's happened in the blog-o-sphere this weekend. I went "camping" this weekend with the Bf and his coworkers (and their respective significant others) and had a blast. (I wrote "camping" bc we stayed in a rustic cabin with five sets of bunk beds and a heater, so it wasn't camping in the strictest sense, but it was "roughing it" compared to everyday life!) I am sorting through the pictures-- why do I take so many blurry pictures of leaves every time I am in the wilderness?!?!?-- and will post if there are any good ones (no promises!) but during my sorting I ran across a recent DIY project that I thought I'd share. I didn't include step-by-step pictures because I made this on lunch break at work, (I have gotten really productive during lunch, haven't I?) but I love how easy it was to make!


Here is somewhat of a close-up:

I have seen these on the wrists of many-a-fab blogger but only just felt like making one when I found an old chain I haven't used for a project in a long time. If you want to make one for yourself just grab an old, chunky chain (or a cheap, new chain) and two colors of embroidery thread. I simply knotted one color thread down each side of the chain....really, that's it. I am excited to wear my new bracelet because the changing seasons have me defaulting to a wardrobe palette of charcoal and black. At least I will have a little color in my outfits while I work on this whole "changing seasons" and "layering-for-necessity-rather-than-aesthetics" thing ;)

Hope everyone is having a great Monday, (well, as good as a Monday can get), and let me know if you have tried this DIY project before or if you have any layering tips!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sole-Searching: Blue Suede Shoes

Between the vibrant-color-hold-over from summer and the color-blocking trend that has been prominently featured in magazine fall trend previews (though are they really previews at this point? Isn't it already fall?), cobalt blue currently has a big place in color real estate of the fashion world. I was just browsing through the shoe section of the Accessories archive on (don't go there unless you want to inexplicably lose 3 hrs of your day!) for fall wardrobe inspiration and couldn't help but be drawn to the bold color on so many styles of shoes. Here are a few of my favorites:
Pierre Hardy. I feel like I see this heel everywhere and yet I can't help but notice something new about it every time I see it! It's like the shoe of a chic superhero!

Christian Louboutin. The man of the red sole can do no wrong. I love that it is nonchalantly super-stylish and my ankles thank him for the generous cut-out...well, they would if I could buy these ;) 

Pollini. The emphasized stitches, over-sized tassel (love!) and brick-of-a-heel make this an unforgettable shoe even if the color was boring instead of this bright hue. I spotted this in last month's Harper's Bazaar and stared for a while, which sparked the search.

Don't want to take out a second mortgage to satisfy your cobalt craving? No worries-- I found this adorable cut-out shootie at Payless! That's right, $59 for this Lela Rose for Payless pair of adorableness!

Will you be wearing cobalt kicks this fall? Or will you be wearing bright blue in your clothing or saving it for smaller accessories instead?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Solange Azagury-Partridge Helps Me Procrastinate....

My days off from work are usually dictated by a to-do list that never seems to get any closer to being done, (do you know how much new rugs shed?! I could stuff a pillow with all the fluff I am vacuuming!), and by long-term projects that always involve more effort than I anticipate, (like the antique door I am refinishing to make into the top of my office work table...there are approximately 7,349 layers of paint to get through and only 24 hrs in a day!). So sue me if I want to take a break from menial labor and sit on my lazy bum with a mug of chai and look at awesome things on the internet. A few minutes of playtime (or an hour, but an hour is comprised of minutes, so there) keeps my brain from going into zombie-mode and gives me great ideas for new projects...which is where refinishing that door to become a desk idea came from... which has created more work for me...wait, this pattern is not good!

Anyway, today's procrastination is scoping out the new website launch for Solange Azagury-Partridge jewelry. The website is dandy and all that, but let's cut to the jewels: SAP does not design adornments for the faint of heart, which, since I am in a statement-necklace-and-cocktail-ring phase, is just fine with me. Some of her pieces are a bit too late 80's/early 90's for my taste, but she has such a variety of styles, (14 collections on the website!), that the phrase "something for everyone" comes to mind....

Here are a few of my fav's:

I also liked this SAP "Triangle" necklace (left) and then realized how similar it looks to this Elizabeth and James "Wishbone" necklace (right):

Which one is your favorite? And I can't be the only lazy procrastinator out there, right?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sharks in Velour Tracksuits: Missoni (for Target) Madness

For all of your west-coasters, if you want anything from the Missoni for Target collection please:
A) line-up before the store opening and
B)- bring your roller-derby team to help defend your cart.

I am joking, but that is actually the best advice I can give you.

After dropping off my friend at the airport early this morning, (miss you already, Alexis!!), I went to Target with the intention of picking up a throw blanket. I know, it's not that exciting, but since I love chevron designs right now and the blanket has neutral and turquoise tones that would blend seamlessly with my current bedroom decor while adding a little pizzazz, it seemed like a good idea. I rolled up to my local Target at 8:15am and the parking lot contained a bunch of minivans and Landrovers, so that should have been my clue to hit the road, but it was early and my brain wasn't working. Inside, there were dozens of suburbanite moms racing around with shopping carts full of Missoni products, yelling to one another about sizes and prices and trying to zoom past the other moms for the last pair of striped galoshes.

Think: the Indy 500 meets a shark feeding-frenzy sprinkled with velour tracksuits.

Not surprisingly, I did not get my throw blanket. It looks like this:

But the shelf it was supposed to be on looked like this:

(Empty). I would have taken other photos of the empty racks of clothes, but there were women loitering about like inmates in a prison yard waiting for employees to put back the rejected items from previous shoppers. I was afraid of getting shanked, so I backed away slowly...

I did, however, get a consolation prize: bobby pins! They are pretty cheap, but the chevron pattern made it a no-brainer and I am growing out my bangs, so I told myself that I need them. Those babies and the new Elle Decor magazine and I was in the check-out line.

The lady in front of me in line to check out spent over $1,200 on her cart-o-Missoni, which is great for her, but I think people need to remind themselves that it is not "real" Missoni. It's a fun collection, but polyester is not worth dying for, people!

Targets opens in my area at 8am, so everything happened in the 15 minutes before I got there! Anyone who missed out on their wishlist should check out eBay, as that is where one mom was talking about posting the stuff she didn't when she got home...yup, sharks in velour tracksuits.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Etsy Finds!

Sometimes I need to close the laptop and walk away. I could probably spend days on end browsing Pinterest and Etsy if given time off work and a bag of giant marshmallows for sustenance...not saying this specific scenario happened -ahem- recently; it was more of a hypothetical situation....

Yeah, let's just look at a few of my finds:
1. I love organization that is as attractive as it is useful, so this box of drawers is awesome.
2. Twig Branch Bobby Pins are so cute and so perfect for fall!
3. I have already mentioned how much I love onegarnetgirl's creations--look at these raw diamond studs and tell me you don't love her, too!Link4. Hand dyed scarf in a bright, cheery hue? Yes, please!

Does anyone else loose countless hours on Etsy? What items do you love to search for?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fall Trend: Color-blocking with a Twist

As much as I want to live in summer forever; surrounded by green grass, blossoming flowers and warm breezes, a recent work meeting has me thinking about fall. I had to pick a fall trend, create an outfit and then wear it during the meeting as part of a presentation--I know, life is SO hard when you have to play dress-up at work! I chose the color-blocking trend that I am enthusiastically anticipating for fall and gave it a slight 70's twist:

Sweater- Rag and Bone; Tank- Rag and Bone; Jeans- JBrand; Booties- Vince Camuto; Oxfords- Rag and Bone

The outfit could have gone a little too 70's when I pared the red flares and geometric sweater together, but the bright blue seemed to happily modernize the sweater's neutral stripes and the rust color of the jeans. The asymmetrical hem of the silky tank peeking out from under the sweater kept the ensemble from being too boxy and block-y and provided more visual interest than the sweater and jeans alone. A manager picked the chunky boot for me to wear with the outfit, but I usually don't wear a platform or heel with flares unless the bottom hem of the jean still grazes the floor...but I liked the color and decided to be nice, so the boots finished my ensemble. If I chose the shoes for myself in my everyday life, these leather oxfords would have been a no-brainer. They are SO buttery and soft and are pretty dapper kicks, I might add ;)

This outfit made me think about the possibilities fall brings to my wardrobe, so maybe cooler weather won't be so bad after all...maybe.

Are you excited to color-block/are already color-blocking? What other fall trends are you excited to rock?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Old People Stuff...For A New Generation!

My bf relayed the information that, according to his coworker, I have taken too long to post the pictures of my furniture-refinishing projects (Yes, Dana, I am talking about you! Thanks for reading!) from my highly successful trip to the local flea market (read the post here). I was waiting to get all of the rooms in which these pieces live complete before taking photos, but at the rate I am going, the house won't be finished until the year 2020, so now is as good a time as any to share my results:

The lamp just needed a good cleaning, so I didn't take any additional pictures, but the bench/coffee table and the seat both needed a complete overhaul:

The seat escapade was surprisingly easy. After removing the seat from its base, I realized that the shabby velour had been hastily stapled over another layer of fabric that covered a vinyl cushion. I was relieved that I didn't have to purchase foam and start from scratch (I would have if the seat hadn't been vinyl just to make sure I wasn't bringing anything yucky into the house). With a little (ahem, A LOT 0f) help from my mom (yes, I put my parents to work when they visited recently, I am a terrible child), the seat was reupholstered with a brightly patterned fabric. The gold paint on the metal base was chipping off, but had two layers of paint underneath, so I sanded it and painted it a subdued pewter.

The bench was a completely different ordeal. I liked the pale yellow color when I bought the bench, but the paint was chipping terribly and looked a little too shabby-chic/trendy (don't get me wrong, I like that style, but everything in moderation, people!) so it needed some work. My pops got me started with a sanding tutorial and all I can say is thank goodness for electric sanders! I spent numerous afternoons off in the garage sanding with my little Black and Decker, so I don't want to imagine how much time it would have taken to sand the whole bench by hand with sandpaper! After the bench was striped of layers of dirt and paint, I stained it a dark walnut (which is an endeavor in itself since each layer of stain gets rubbed with steel wool after it dries) and I think the sweaty afternoons in a muggy garage paid off:

The inside of the bench was not in great shape, so I decided to just repaint it with a bright turquoise. I love the contrast of the dark wood with the bright hue:

Now I can actually use my coffee table for storage and display! (The little things make me happy these days). I got a metal and wood tray and refinished the metal portion with the same pewter color as the seat. The tray holds a bowl of clementines, drinks and my latest flea market purchase, an antique metal cricket figurine.

Here is a close-up of the cricket:
I love it so much! (I'm a dork, I know)

It was great to refinish those pieces because although it was a lot of work, I smile to myself every time I pass the seat or bench in my house because I know what I am capable of and I feel like I have a good start on creating an inviting home of which I can be proud.

What do you think of the rehab job? Any suggestions for ways I could have done it more easily? And what should I name the cricket? Hehe

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Seeing Chevrons

I openly admit that I am a shopaholic, but I rarely purchase anything online, much less make an impulse purchase online. But there it was, a black and white striped chevron rug staring at me from the Hautelook website. Its poor, woebegone self seemed to whimper, "Take me home with you"--- oh, wait, that was the price, nevermind! Even on a computer screen I can tell it isn't the quality of the Madeline Weinrib or West Elm chevron rug I have been pining for, but at $65 for a 5x8 rug, I couldn't pass up the deal and it will be perfect for my home office.

After (im)patiently refreshing the webpage until it came back in stock, (you have 15 min to purchase what you select for your shopping bag on Hautelook or it is removed from your bag and put back in stock--can you say "extreme sense of urgency""?), I snagged the size I want and purchased it, feeling triumphant. Until I realized I had purchased a black and white chevron rug... How on earth am I going to make that work with my decor of happy turquoises, organic wood accents and metallic odds and ends...? Panic set in, but then my sister (ever-so-chic and a pro decorator) told me to check Pinterest for inspiration.... Like I don't spend enough time on there to think of that myself! (But I didn't, it was panic time). Anyway, I was immediately relieved to see the awesome rooms people have created with chevron rugs and can't wait to get mine in the mail so I can start decorating my office!!! Here are some of the pictures I found:

I love the ornate style of the chair contrasted with the more modern, graphic rug. And the turquoise? Obviously a fav! I was relieved to see it incorporated with the black and white.

This rug looks to be about the size and scale of the one I purchased, and it doesn't make me cross-eyed, so I can stop hyperventilating ;)

I love this mix of print and color!

I found the picture of this home office last, and it will be of great inspiration to me-- I mean, it is simple, but who wouldn't want to work in a space like this?
Is anyone else out there an impulse shopper? Do you normally shop for home goods online or in 'brick and mortar' stores? Am I crazy for buying this rug?!?!?!?