Friday, October 14, 2011

Autumnal Embrace ;)

Something is in the air...!  (Besides clouds, pollution and the usuals). I have always thought of autumn as depressing, what with the changing leaves plummeting to the ground-- soldiers in blazing hues perishing in the battle to keep the cold at bay, but people love it. Maybe the cider drinking and pumpkin carving is our last hurrah before resigning ourselves to inevitable hermitage of winter? Let's just say I didn't "get it" until recently. I was enlightened during the camping trip the weekend before last (oh, that fresh air works wonders) and from my experience on Tuesday, my random day-off during the week. I was in the kitchen cooking my usual breakfast (AKA, open almond milk. Pour over cereal. Consume. Complete.) and I had the windows open to take advantage of the fantastic indian summer (is that PC? Everyone says it here, but I just don't know!) of a day when I heard the leaves falling from the trees. That's right-- heard-- the leaves. No one talks about this part! I get the beautiful colors and the breathtaking tragedy of their graceful arch of death and yadda yadda, but the soft, sad, final sound of the leaves connecting with the slight cushion of grass, the slightest breath of air mixed with the tiniest crinklely crunch in a instantaneous-yet-completely-unhurried moment was almost moving. If I had not opened the windows and it had not been the witching-hour between rush hour and mid-morning errand runs, the hour when the street is quiet without vehicle or foot traffic, I would have missed the sound.

Spurred by the intent desire to capture something of the moment, I went outside and gathered up leaves (I probably looked crazy picking them one by one off the lawn, but I had to get the good ones!). Yellows from our tree mixed with the red leaves that traveled over from our neighbor's yard and when I looked at the collection I had amassed in my hands, I knew I would make a wreath. Now, this wreath is not an art project I would normally lay claim to, but it was fun and although it won't last forever (I assume this because I have never made a wreath before and I hold no illusions about my skills in this area) it was a great craft that kept me from shopping for an hour ;)

Here are some pictures of the camping trip that inspired my "autumnal embrace"-- which is what I decided to call the wreath. Just now. I am a genius and so full of it ;) And some pictures of the wreath itself at the end:

 Green trees with a dash of red leaves--something tells me fall is coming!

 After we got home I was obsessed by the table scape I could have made at camp. If I was camping with Martha Stewart and we weren't, like, you know, camping.

 Sneaky-peaky at the layering of leaves...

And the final product. I should have mixed the different colors in a haphazard fashion, but I had intended to make an ombre wreath, but then didn't have the necessary color gradation (Sigh. Nature, can you help a sistah out?!?) Anyway, I enjoy it for two unexpected reasons: 1- It hangs over the square glass peephole in the front door, so when you look out the peephole, it frames your face and you look like a crazy, flamboyant lion and 2- I went to ASU and the bf went to UofA, which he argues is the better school (which is obviously false) -- so a wreath proudly bearing the maroon and gold colors of my ASU Sundevils is hanging on his front door  is hilarious to me! We'll see if he puts that together before the leaves crumble away ;)

What makes you all twitterpated for autumn? Any cheesy crafts you want to admit to? And don't worry, this will hopefully turn back into a fashion blog next week ;) Happy Friday!!


  1. You did SUCH a great job, doll! How perfect to celebrate fall.
    xo Josie

  2. I like the wreath... I still have mixed feelings about fall. today the sun is out and it's just beautiful. tomorrow it may be grey again, and not the nice misty and soft grey, the opressing one, with clouds so low that you think you can touch them and that are smothering you. and I am terrified of winter....

  3. The wreath is really pretty, sweetie!!! I adore autumn and everything that comes with it:) Happy Monday, sunshine.

  4. This looks fantastic! I love seeing the leaves change this time of year!

  5. Amazing mirror! You did a fantastic job! xo style, she wrote

  6. hahaha nature wasn't working with you on the ombre thing. I still like how it turned out. And you should totally take a pic of your face in the middle of it for us!!!