Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This year I am working late, so I left candy in a bowl near the door for the Bf to hand out to kiddies...if there are any? (As it is our first Halloween in our new neighborhood, we have no idea if any kids will ring our bell)  Although I put (a minute amount of) effort into the candy-prep, I have not decorated or even thought about a costume. Instead, I have been spending my precious free hours before work searching for heeled loafers... not so festive, but really fun, I assure you! I have seen two fun pairs with great tassels on blogs recently and now have the itch to get a pair of my own.

When I saw these on  Saucy Glossie, I immediately loved that these heeled loafers are very lady-like, but have an exaggerated tassel for a bit of fun:

But how cool is this super bold Alexander Wang pair from the ManRepeller?!

I think that a trip to the craft store is in order today, too, so I can make these earrings that I saw on I Spy DIY. These would be so fun to wear and are pretty simple to make! (Or I might just be addicted to embroidery thread projects like this one)...

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope today is as spooky (or not spooky) as you can handle!


  1. I love those Alexander Wang ones! So cute. Happy Halloween!
    xo Josie

  2. I love the way you are prepping for Halloween. Shoe shopping can be very scary if not done correctly (read: hours dedicated to it). hehe


  3. That first pair is amazing! I hope you had good luck finding a fun pair! xoxo Marissa

  4. The first pair is truly amazing and I love the DIY project. Brilliant! Have a great Tuesday, sunshine. xo

  5. Alexander Wang for the win! They are perfect, I'm lusting after them so hard. Good luck in your hunt!

  6. i didn't have a single kid show. boo!

  7. I'm such a fan of healed loafers right now... have yet to find the perfect pair though!

  8. Love these tassled loafers! Too cute. xo style, she wrote