Sunday, April 25, 2010

Seeing Clearly... something I take for granted that could be considered a luxury in some parts of the world, as well as here in the US. I am a contact/glasses wearer and am fortunate enough to afford quality eye care with insurance, but not everyone is so lucky. I love the benevolent business concept of the Tom's shoe company, (charitable donations funded by a sustainable business model = genius!), and the same concept is at the core of the Warby Parker mission statement. A group of friends decided to make a company that sells low-cost, fashionable eye wear and donate a pair of glasses to the needy with every purchase. The glasses are so cute and really reasonably priced, so my next pair will definitely be coming from their website. I am in love with the Light Tortoise and Sandalwood colors and lots of the frames.

Here is the Roark style:

And the Finn style:

Just two great options- I can't decide! Which are your fav's? Know any companies with a heart of gold? Give a shout-out! :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Virus Vacation

I have recently fallen short of my commitment to regular blog posts, but not because I wanted to, promise! My computer had a virus, but all the fishy activity seems to have been taken care of, so more posts to come!

It's funny how even though I can check my email and browse the web on my phone, being without my computer makes me feel like something important is missing out of my day. I need to catch-up on all my favorite blogs! It's interesting to think about the little things that we do everyday without thinking much of them...what are your creature comforts?