Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I was in a terrible mood earlier this week. My enthusiastic attitude resulting from winning an amazing scarf give-away ( from this awesome shop--check out her blog!) was dashed when my camera broke. And by broke, I mean it literally fell on the ground and will not be working anytime soon. BUT, how can I let this get me down when there is so much I should be thankful for today?

I saw this on the DvF facebook page and thought it was tres chic and tres appropriate. I think I will make a list for myself today! I hope everyone has a happy and healthy Thanksgiving with their loved ones!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Yours truly is terrible at maintaining a blog! This should not be news to you, but it is strange considering I enjoy creating posts of my favorite things and new trends and that reading blogs is part of my daily routine. I think my priorities have gotten a little out-of-focus (but that is a topic for a whole other blog... focused on therapy! hehe) but something about feeling settled after the big move has made me want to realign the important things (and the fun things) in my life to hold a higher place on my "totem pole of focus"... In an effort to inject a little change in my life, I took a fun class this semester, I am creating a home office, (hopefully better and more consistent posts will result!), and I put in my two weeks notice at work....which is terrifying, but I know it will be good for me. I have been working a ton and will be up until the end (which is Sunday), so sorry for the lack of posts, but I will have plenty of time for posting when I am free! And unemployed (read: heart palpitation)!

In the meanwhile, I am looking for sweaters and warm wear and have been looking for ways to incorporate fun trends into my winter wardrobe. (How can I make a snow suit look less like... a snow suit??) We all know southwestern prints are having a moment and I have been enjoying the Pendleton "Portland Collection" lookbook for that reason:

Just one of the looks. But see the rest here.

I have also been spending an inordinate amount of my free (and "should be doing productive things") time on Pinterest. If any of you are on the site and I don't follow you yet, holla at your girl because I love discovering new boards. Check out my boards here and if you aren't on Pinterest yet, leave me a comment and I will invite you :)

I hope that this pre-Thanksgiving week finds everyone happy and healthy and to all of you peeps with M-F, 9-5 jobs--- it's almost Friday! ;)

PS- I will be in the Chicago 'burbs for Thanksgiving, any suggestions for fun and fantastic happenings that weekend? I would normally go shopping to get my Zara-fix,etc, but Black Friday + Chi-Town just seems like unnecessary stress! Maybe one of those flea markets is happening? Or something involving hot cocoa? hehe