Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sharks in Velour Tracksuits: Missoni (for Target) Madness

For all of your west-coasters, if you want anything from the Missoni for Target collection please:
A) line-up before the store opening and
B)- bring your roller-derby team to help defend your cart.

I am joking, but that is actually the best advice I can give you.

After dropping off my friend at the airport early this morning, (miss you already, Alexis!!), I went to Target with the intention of picking up a throw blanket. I know, it's not that exciting, but since I love chevron designs right now and the blanket has neutral and turquoise tones that would blend seamlessly with my current bedroom decor while adding a little pizzazz, it seemed like a good idea. I rolled up to my local Target at 8:15am and the parking lot contained a bunch of minivans and Landrovers, so that should have been my clue to hit the road, but it was early and my brain wasn't working. Inside, there were dozens of suburbanite moms racing around with shopping carts full of Missoni products, yelling to one another about sizes and prices and trying to zoom past the other moms for the last pair of striped galoshes.

Think: the Indy 500 meets a shark feeding-frenzy sprinkled with velour tracksuits.

Not surprisingly, I did not get my throw blanket. It looks like this:

But the shelf it was supposed to be on looked like this:

(Empty). I would have taken other photos of the empty racks of clothes, but there were women loitering about like inmates in a prison yard waiting for employees to put back the rejected items from previous shoppers. I was afraid of getting shanked, so I backed away slowly...

I did, however, get a consolation prize: bobby pins! They are pretty cheap, but the chevron pattern made it a no-brainer and I am growing out my bangs, so I told myself that I need them. Those babies and the new Elle Decor magazine and I was in the check-out line.

The lady in front of me in line to check out spent over $1,200 on her cart-o-Missoni, which is great for her, but I think people need to remind themselves that it is not "real" Missoni. It's a fun collection, but polyester is not worth dying for, people!

Targets opens in my area at 8am, so everything happened in the 15 minutes before I got there! Anyone who missed out on their wishlist should check out eBay, as that is where one mom was talking about posting the stuff she didn't when she got home...yup, sharks in velour tracksuits.


  1. Hahah..that is such a funny story, espcially the part about the lady in front of you in line...hahah...Btw: the blanket looks beautiful:) Kisses and hugs, sweetie.

  2. This story is hilarious! I was planning on going after work today, but it seems like I should have treated this like Black Friday. What cracks me up the most is the woman who spent $1,200 on Target Missoni could have actually bought REAL Missoni! xoxo Marissa


  3. This totally happened to me when they did the re-release of collections last fall -- those women were NUTS. I love that blanket, though -- sorry you missed out on it!
    xo Josie

  4. It sounds terrifying and awesome all at the same time. A couple of the home items looked cool, but not THAT cool, so I passed on them--this is after I waited to be let on the crashed site and there weren't too many options left... You should have torn down the backing on the endcap shelves and put it in some bright neon frames. hehe.

  5. Haha loved how you described the race to get these items. I'm sure with the Holidays rolling around soon it's going to be interesting to say the least.

    xx THE CHEAP


  6. LOL! After months of anticipation on this collaboration I just so happened to catch a sinus infection and missed it. Apparently I was told I did not miss out on much, the clothing was acrylic rayon blend, some items were polyester, and the shoes were avg quality. I heard the housewares was plastic with paint that looked like it'd rub off after 1 dishwashing cycle. That throw looks pretty, I have heard that certain stores will be re-stocked but at this point everyone knows so it'll be another round or sharks in velour track suits going at it again. sigh...folks it is missoni for target...not the same as M missoni and Orange missoni...just sayin ;) lovely recap on the realistic and horrific shopping experience!

  7. awwww - sorry you couldn't get the throw blanket!

  8. lol...people are nuts! From all of the things I have been hearing I'm glad I stayed away! xo

  9. I went to target that day, but only to check that yes, indeed.. I totally missed out (but I got some cute boots). It's like black friday- it just takes the fun out of shopping when people turn into materialistic maniacs. I just can't do it. I did, however, get a shirt and shorts online later, so I hope they're as nice in person. And I don't know who in their right mind actually buys these target designer collections on ebay for 5x the price- wouldn't you rather have the real thing?? You'd think target would file a lawsuit or something with ebay for people price gouging their stuff (like what American Apparel did).

  10. Bahahah - laughing out loud at this post. I really liked the throw, too. Sad that the sharks in velour tracksuits beat us to it!

  11. What a terrible experience! I am so frustrated that Target let people bulk buy items -- they just put them on Ebay!! It's annoying to people who really appreciate fashion and want to wear Missoni items. xo style, she wrote

  12. The soccer moms in their velour tracksuits should be ashamed of themselves. A more poorly behaved group of vultures I have never, ever heard of. Just disgusting!! I'm glad you made it out alive and if I ever see that blanket (fat chance but you never know) I will scoop it up for you.

    These women have children?? What the hell do they teach them?!


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