Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week Two of Unemployment: a Manhunt and a Hathunt...

When I awoke Monday, the air was full of promise. I had slept in, but not too late, (9 o'clock feels decadent but not guilt-inducing), and a delightful pair of squirrels were chatting with each other on my bedroom windowsill, sunning themselves. Feeling like Snow White/Cinderella from nature's morning embrace, (a distant embrace from outside a closed window, but whatever, I am trying to think abstractly), I cleaned for a bit and then, still riding high on the positive energy of the day, pulled out the netbook and started searching for jobs. Not 15 minutes into searching, there is pounding on my front door, so I scuffle, (fuzzy socks + hardwood floors necessitate scuffling), over to see who it is and I am shocked to see it is the police! My happy-Disney-esque-high plummets into fear as I wonder if A- there is a murderer on the loose, B- the Bf has been killed in a car accident or C- one of my elderly neighbors has been injured, or worse. As it turns out, scenario "A" is the closest to being accurate; the police ask me if "Andrew"is home and when I respond that there is no one by that name living here, they tell me that my address is his last known residence and they are looking for him. I don't know what this guy did, but not only was there a uniformed cop present, there was also cop wearing a suit + overcoat, (a detective? I need to watch Law and Order again to revisit the hierarchy and dress code), pacing up and down my driveway, barking on a phone about how the subject is "on the run and needs cover" and other things I couldn't hear because of my conversation with the uniformed officer.

As quickly as they barged into my day, the officers retreat, but not before the uniformed officer apologizes to me for waking me up (What is he talking about?! Oh wait, I'm in my pj's...great) and I respond, "Oh, no, I've been up for a while" because for some reason I don't want the officer to think I am lazy....like somehow he knows I am unemployed and he is making sure I get my laundry done?! Ha, I am fully aware that I am a dork and I fully embrace it, don't worry.

ANYWAY, after they left I started to wonder if this bandit-on-the-lam will show up at my house? Or maybe his evil bank-robbing cronies come here because this is "his last known address"?? Though I knew the chances of that were infinitesimally small, every creak in the floor boards gave me the chills and the tiny scratching sounds of the squirrels outside were no longer adorably endearing, they were sinister and scary.

Did I go crazy and hide in the linen closet until the Bf came home from work? No, but that would have meant for a lot of self-reflection and I probably would have figured out what I want to do with my life, so maybe that would have been a good option......Instead, I got out of my funk the most effective way I know how: shopping. And since I failed to mention earlier that it was ice-raining all day, online shopping seemed to be the best option and shopping for a hat to wear in the cold, snowy weather seemed like the perfect prize. Is it ironic that a man-hunt inspired a hat-hunt? I don't know, but check out some of the affordable winter hats I found:

1. Knit fabric and structure combine in this braided trim fedora from Forever21.
2. I love the look of layering, so why not continue the look on my head? Grace Hats Curi Watch Beanie at Urban Outfitters.
3. I have a friend who loves a good turban, so I thought of her when I saw this! I like the shape because it is like having earmuffs built into the hat! Free People knitted turban beanie.
4. I don't know if I am cool enough to rock this 70's-inspired, wide brim number, but I like thinking that I could ;) Deena & Ozzy felt floppy hat at Urban Outfitters.
5. I know I say this a lot, but I am amused that southwest prints are having a moment and I love this beanie's bright color palate. Coal Taos beanie.
6. This tweed fedora is classy and a little tattered--just off-beat enough to channel your inner-Olsen with a cool coat and leather leggings. JCrew two-tweed fedora.

Which one would you wear? And if you live in a climate with "real" winters, what tips and tricks do you use to pick the perfect topper?


  1. Love that little Forever21 hat. And how weird about that guy! Spooky... Hope all is revolved soon!
    xo Josie

  2. Omg that is a ridiculous story!!!!! And I'd wear #6-- on the hunt for a cute winter fedora.

  3. Such a scary way to start you day! Yikes! I like #2 and #4. I have been trying to find a good hat here but for some reason I end up not liking the way they look on me...

  4. holy moly that story is crazy!! I would have done the same thing...shopping cures most things! ha. And #4 is adorable! X

  5. Well geez. I think I would have been pretty freaked out too... have you figured anything else out since then?!

  6. OMG! It's like you're living in a movie. That is beyond crazy.