Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Toms Colors!

The Bf calls them prisoner shoes, (when I wear them I hear- Oh, those are nice, I didn't realize you are going to jail today), but I love Toms. They are not wildly feminine nor do they do anything to enhance my leg line, but they are comfortable as all get out and the frumpy little shape makes them kind-of adorable. I have the basic Grey color:

I got this color to enable wearing one pair with all colors of denim, leggings, and shorts. I wear them to run errands before/after gym time, to do yardwork, and for other tasks that you don't want to wear your "good" shoes for...which means I have been wearing them a lot since I like to keep my shoes clean. Thus, I have been considering an upgrade from my "basic model". I have been in a tizzy over the silver sparkly Toms for a while now and thought I would get those, but I just discovered there are EVEN MORE new colors and styles!

I love the nude/taupe/greige trend, so of course I love the nude sparklies!

How cool are these black ones with the grommets?! I might be enamored bc they remind me of the final belt I chose for my DIY project (here).

And the new Botas in purple flannel? Adorable in a kind-of punky, grunge way.

Do you wear Toms? If so, what color(s) are you rockin?


  1. I haven't yet purchased a pair of Tom's but I'm digging the nude ones!

  2. Ok I am going to need to see a pic of your strangely shaped noggin ha!
    So I am totally in love with TOMS shoes! seriously!!
    I dont have any grey ones but I have like 5 other pairs and my sister just bought those black ones with the grommets. They are CUTE!!


  3. I have two pairs...One blue and one olive/natural stripe pair:) They are so comfy and cute!
    Kisses and have a great day

  4. I love TOMS and am sad to say I don't own any and don't even know why. Your bf's comment sent me rolling. AHAHAHA! Boys are such smart mouths!


  5. hahahaa "jail shoes" :) i saw these the other day and was thinking how great they would be for casual days.

  6. I have yet to pick up a pair of Toms but I'm obsessed with them! I also love the Ash color.
    xo Josie