Thursday, December 23, 2010

Are You Done Yet?

If you have waited until the last minute to start your Christmas shopping or if you are done with your Christmas shopping and now get to reward yourself, get thee to your nearest JCrew! They are extending their additional 30% off sale items until tomorrow, but the deal is only in stores, so get your coat on, feed the cat later, and get a move on! I am sure it will be slim pickin's at this time, but if I find anything that I have been oggling online, I will be estatic! And I will be saving Santa the effort of finding me a great gift, right?

I envision this tulip skirt with opaque tights....

Fun bling please, Santa!

Just in case a cocktail party comes up... Or maybe a NYEve dress?

"You love your grandma pants," a coworker tells me. Well, touche! I love a slouchy trouser!

Can't get enough of the school-marm-ish charm of these booties!

I hope everything is decorated, baked, bought, and wrapped in your neck of the woods so that you get to relax. (Or my version of fun: shopping for myself!) Any great finds?


  1. I love that tulip skirt! I have just a couple more things to buy for the hubs and then I'm done! And P.S. My version of fun is shopping for myself too...haha.

  2. Loveee the bling necklace, perfect even for a simple tee!
    Come enter my giveaway!!

  3. I made the mistake of going a few days back... It was bad, my dear. Entirely too much time and money spent there... But for me, not my family! Ohhhh, how I can never resist J.Crew!
    xo Josie

  4. Oh god these are all such cute things! I wish J Crew shipped to NZ!