Friday, December 17, 2010

On the Chopping Block!

What's on the chopping block? That'd be my hair... (I wish there was a determined/nervous/excited emoticon to insert here)... and that is what my day will bring me at noon. Like a guillotine sentencing that I will carry out against my hair, it's time to get rid of it in one fell swoop! I recently colored my hair brown (I posted on the change here), so in a 6 month span I will go from long (Pocahontas would had approve), beach-blonde hair to short (well, medium bob length), brown hair.

Why? It's just time to change things up a bit. (And also because I feel like the trim I get every 2 months or so doesn't get rid of my split ends...they mock me in the mirror! I swear!)

Delusion aside, I looked on the web for inspiration, but since the trend these days is for lengthy locks, I didn't find much. But it's quality over quantity, right? Here are some of my fav hairdo's and style ideas:

Alexa Chung went from from a longer bob to a shorter, chunky cut but still kept her ombre coloring. I like that the ends are blunt, but that there is still a lot of texture:

At first, I didn't like this cut on Kathering McPhee. But then I realized I just didn't like the color on her (she looks better brunette), but I do like the simple style and how the her bangs add soft texture around her face.

Jessica Stroup has a great cut because she can wear it straight or wavy and tousled. I won't be going this short (barring an accident- eeps!) but I like the versatility of her cut.

(Click on any of the pictures to link back to its respective web source- where you can find more pics!)

How often do you chop those locks? And have you ever had a crazy hairstyle? Also, and fantastically amazing hair products out there (if you are willing to share your secrets!)?


  1. I LOVE Jessica Stroup cut and of course the darling Alexa! I had my hair into a short bob and grew it out for my wedding. It took me so long to grow out but I have been lusting for a change! You need to post some pics after your haircut! Have fun and enjoy your weekend. xo

  2. I chop all mine off every 2 years or so. I love both a bob and long hair so I grow it out and cut it off. And why not? It just grows back anyways!! ;-)

  3. I love all of these looks-short hair looks so chic!
    Love your blog! I hope you will come visit me and follow if you'd like! I'm leaving for Australia in 1 month!

    xoxo Summer

  4. I have decided to stop shaving my hair and let my locks grow. For 2011, I want longer and fuller hair.

  5. I chopped my hair super short about two years ago and it's been growing ever since. I'll trim it every few months but seriously, I always contemplate chopping it all off again! Your post makes me want to march straight to the salon and go with the short 'do again. Love it!



  6. Katherine Mcphee's haircut looks great.
    I love short hair.

  7. ohh wow - hope your hair comes out looking good! I just got mine cut actually... I usually only get it cut once a year. No crazy haircuts.. or at least I don't think!

  8. okay neeeed to see the hair!! before my hair all fell out i was a hair style changing fiend. i've had it all - hair that's an inch or two long (think halle berry) to the chin length jagged bob, the surf, the jen aniston blunt bob (not the rachel except once when some fool gave it to me by accident), and now the long mop - all variations at all dif times in my life.

    i have been getting the itch to chop...then think of how long it took to grow.

    show us what you did! i hope it's alexa-ish. she's got a great 'do.

    hair products: kerastase nutri-line (the orange) and if you color the pink then the pink line. my hair was dry recently and i used the bain nutri-thermique shampoo and fondant conditioner - it's like a new lid of hair. so soft!! i swear by the stuff. it's pricey so i have to mix in and out w/other lines but it is worth it and it lasts. put some on your list!!


  9. I get a cut -- or at least try to get a cut -- every 2 months. (My ends look awful otherwise.) And I love Bed Head's thickener; it gives great volume to otherwise limp locks.

  10. Hey girl!! soooo do we get to see the new cut!!?? PLEASE!! You know I am dying to see it!!
    I normally am chopping away at my hair but I have seriously been growing it for quite some time now. I just got a major trim up late week. So I am going to do a post about my new cut and color on Wed probably. But my hair is still pretty long right now!
    Cant wait to see it!!


  11. i love all of these cuts - cant wait to see what you come up with!

    since i have short hair i get it cut every six weeks or it starts looking pretty messy and i love bumble&bumble products!

  12. I've been debating chopping my hair off, the only things thats stopping me is that it keeps me nice and warm over the winter! That and it took me 2 years to grow out my very short A-line. (Loved it but just missed the diversity of styles with longer hair)

    All of these styles are adorable though!