Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Could Brunettes Have More Fun?

I recently took the plunge and entered the world of the mysterious, chic brunettes. My dirty-blonde hair has seemed dull in recent years and I took to highlighting it at random times to give it a little life. Two weeks ago I thought about highlighting it and then, in a moment of clarity, thought, "Why do I keep going blonder? I don't even really like it blonde...why not go darker?"

So I did. I have to admit that it is strange to look in the mirror and see this brunette chick staring back at me, but she seems pretty cool, so I'll keep her around ;)

I also got to thinking about blonde to brunette (and often back again) transformations, and often times I think brunette just looks better. Here are my favs:

Better Brunette: Kiera Knightly
Her eyes might smolder more as a blonde, but her light skin looks much better with dark hair. I don't think the berry lip color she has in the brunette photo would have looked good when she was blonde.

Better Brunette: Jessica Alba
Jessica has a natural, glowing tan and when she is blonde, it all looks a little orange-y, like her skin hair blend into one color....

Toss-Up: The Olsen Twins
Whatever color these two choose, Mary Kate and Ashley look adorable and fresh.

Better Blonde: Cameron Diaz (you didn't see this coming, did you?)
She looks great with dark hair, but when you think Cameron Diaz, you think of a blonde-from-the-California-sun girl. Even in her movies- whether it is the goofy gal in Something About Mary or an Angel with martial-arts prowess, blonde just makes sense.

Do you agree with my biased reasoning? (hehe) And do you strictly adhere to being blonde or brunette or do you switch it up between both? Or do you love being a redhead? Or not coloring your hair at all?


  1. I would love to have red hair but sadly I dont think I could pull that look off....Great post:)
    Kisses my dear

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  2. I just went red -- from being a dark blonde and brunette -- and I think redheads definitely have the most fun. (And get the most head turns!)

  3. I've actually never colored my hair before - or even highlighted it for that matter. I'm a natural blonde, so I don't want to risk messing that up... It's about the only thing I have going for my hair (it's extremely thin and hard to manage)! ;)


  4. Love the brunette color! It's perfect on you!

  5. agree with your commments. kiera and jessica def look better as brunettes...the blond hair washed them out too much. cameron as a blonde certainly fits her better

  6. Sometimes I want to change my color to brown as well but I just think blonde suits me better! :)
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