Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Inspiration Wall

On the wall next to my closet is a large-scale collage that I have nicknamed my Inspiration Wall. It is pretty dorky, but I love it. I have 12" squares of corkboard mounted on the wall in two rows. When I find and item or a look in a magazine that I love (which is quite often, as mentioned here) I cut it out and tack it up. The wall is always changing and pictures come down almost as often as other pictures go up, but some items have been up there for a LONG time. (For example, the several pictures of the PS1 bag that I love even though I am adamant about not liking "It" bags). I have it somewhat organized by category- purses, jewelry, dresses, formal dresses, pants, ensembles, coats, etc- but for the most part I enjoy the messy collage of my favorite things.

The whole collection- a mess of pretty things!

Close-up of dresses and formal dresses (my love of draping evident in the loads of Lanvin and the Ports 1961 bits!)

Might be my fav category- purses! The PS1, lots of Alexander Wang, and big, slouchy bags.

Where does your inspiration come from? Do you display it to enjoy every day?


  1. Oh - I LOVE this idea!! So creative, and it actually looks nice too ;)

  2. This is great! I have all my clippings mixed in a binder in the plastic sleeves! I think I need to find some cork board...

  3. NOT DORKY! I think that this is a great idea! Nothing better than being inspired every time you look up.
    xo Josie

  4. I love this wall!! is a great idea! I should have one too!! looking to everything at the sametime is awesome for inspiration :)