Monday, November 29, 2010

Not So Perfect Timing....

I didn't join in on the Black Friday madness with the rest of the churning, surging masses, so I thought I might get in on some of the Cyber Monday deals. I woke up early to check out the sales, and write a blog post about my favs, natch, but.....
.......the internet was down.
(Yes, I could check my email on my phone, but it doesn't facilitate browsing websites with the intention to look at colors and textures). Anyway, all of the sudden, the wind was out of my sails. It felt like I was back in the Dark Ages....or at least the 80's.... and couldn't communicate with the rest of the world anymore. I am painting an over-dramatic picture, but you can relate, I'm sure ;)

Instead of scowling at my laptop, I decided to re-draft my Christmas list of what to get for my loved ones, begin to read a new book, and brainstorm color combos for scarf-making. I can knit- well, as long as you want a scarf and only a scarf- and I want to make cozy somethings for myself and for friends. For some reason today, probably the sharp temp drop, I am channeling the vibe of a certain scarf-making-maven on My friend (her chic blog here) sent me a link to the Ozetta boutique on and I was immediately hooked on the pure coziness of her designs!

How comfy and warm does this look?! And the texture! Sigh.

As you might have guessed, the internet is back up but I have little desire to resume the cyber Monday hunt. I guess that, for today at least, being cozy is much more appealing. How did you spend your Monday?


  1. I spent my Monday at home. I am currently on vacation.

    I want a scarf just like yours.

  2. i just bought a scarf like yours and i think this is the best investment of all winter =)