Monday, November 8, 2010

My J.Crew Wishlist

Every time I get my J.Crew catalog in the mail, I am reminded of why I need to win the lottery... Fall is the worst: all the deliciously soft-yet-paper-thin cardis, the sequins and the precise way they layer pieces that looks effortless makes me "die" (to quote a tiny, infamous gal). I want pretty much everything they make, but my favorites range from super versatile to super decadent:
Chambray Tuxedo-Pleat Shirt
There is a reason I adopted the moniker of The Chambray Countess-- I love that the soft, casual fabric can be paired with anything from basic leggings to luxe fabrics (like the sequin skirt in the picture). This is a lighter chambray than I normally go for (I like it darker or with gray undertones) but the pleats and bow-tie made me smile.
Trouper Pant
I love a good skinny pant that can go from day-to-night. This would be great with flats and a striped boatneck tee, heels with a sequined top or even boots and drapey sweater.
Lace Tee
I love this top. It is a versatile day to night piece that could easily be worn with skinnies or tucked into a high-waisted skirt. I think it would also look really cute layered over a slim-fitting turtleneck or other long-sleeved tee.
Sequin Harem Pant
These pants are not remotely practical. Having said that, I still want them, but the $650 price tag will keep them safely out of reach. Remember the fun you had playing dress-up as a kid? I think putting these on for a holiday party would help you relive that excitement...or you could just look super fabulous at the grocery store, your choice ;)
Does anyone else love the color stories and quirky-yet-classically preppy combos that are oh so J.Crew? Is there another catalog that sends you into daydreams of closet overhauls!
Happy Monday!

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