Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last Chance Recap!

I love going to Last Chance when I have a day off during the week. It stinks to work weekends (no spontaneous trips with the bf or weekends away with the girls), but it is nice to run errands on a Tuesday and have the whole world to yourself....Or so you think until you walk into Last Chance and then realize that the whole world is inside scavenging for deals.

Last Chance is not for people who fear crowds...or even for people who remotely value their personal space... but it is fun to see what you can find. If you have never been to Last Chance, it is the place where products sold at Nordstrom go to die. Really. If a shoe has a scuff and is deemed "unsellable" it winds up there. Same with handbags, clothing, and a few housewares. There is a lot of beat up junk there, but sometimes you find a gem that makes you want to squeal with delight and call your fellow shopping addicts to share the excitement. If you are ever in the Phoenix area, you need to check this place out-- deals + people watching = worth the trip!

I stopped in today hoping to find some cute ankle booties, but swarms of bickering women indicated they were few and far between before the hoards descended. I roamed for a bit to see what I could find and had a personal crisis in the handbag area. Not because of anything important, but because I found this Be&D satchel:

The Genesis Satchel. It. Was. Amazing. The picture does not do it justice, but it was so soft and slouchy and perfect-- just trust me! I found it in a great light gray color, but it was still $500, so I decided to pay rent instead ;) I have wanted a satchel for a while now, but I tend to buy either giant handbags or small crossbodies, so satchels really haven't figured into my wardrobe. This one is huge, though, and looked very Rachel Zoe/one of her Zoebots in the crook of my arm.
I love Be&D, but haven't seen much of this brand lately, so I looked at their website when I got home and found more pieces to love:

The Jenny Stamped Clutch. I love the texture, the taupey/blush/griege color and the metal trim that give an other wise lady-like envelope clutch (my fav style of clutch ever) a funky twist.

Garbo Tote. My inner rock star needs this! I love that the studs cover the entire bag and that this would be so slouchy and fun (unstuffed, natch). All you'd need would be skinnies and a great flat or a little ankle bootie like these:

My inner rock star also needs the Rocketeer bootie. I love the sweeping line and the chunky heel as well as the grid 'o' zippers. This would be perfect with leggings... or black jeans... or so many other things......

ANYWAY, back to Last Chance, I almost left without a fab find-- but then there was a little leather jacket waiting for me in the blazer section:

This Classiques Entier Ruffled Leather Jacket is ridiculously soft and the color is less stark than the picture suggests. It came to LC because of a pen mark near the top of the collar, but I figured that $59 for a $398 jacket warranted a trip to the cleaners or a personal commitment to wear my hair down whenever I have it on....

Have you ever been to Last Chance? Where do you find your best deals? And what decadence is currently on your wishlist?


  1. I just found you blog today and I think it's fantastic! The writing is brilliant and funny!

    I would love to go to a store like this though I think I'd do poorly, I'm not very good at places like this hence, I prob end up paying for more on stuff!

  2. I adore Be&D! I seriously need those booties like stat :)


  3. That jacket is amazing..Im in love with the colour and the Genesis satchel really looks beautiful:)
    Happy afternoon

  4. Love the satchel! I've been obsessed with the Mulberry Alexa for some time now... My best Last Chance has to be my patent leather Lanvin flats or recent find, Ted Baker cross body bag :)

  5. Oh that clutch is gorgeous!! And I've never even heard of Last Chance... sounds fabulous. Is it in a mall? I wonder if there's one in Indianapolis...

  6. So many great finds!

  7. Those Lanvin flats were quite a find, Em!
    And @Jess: The appeal of Last Chance is that there is only one. (There used to be one in Miami, but they have closed it). LC is tucked away in an outdoor strip mall located in Phoenix, AZ, so if you are ever in town, check it out! And take me with you! ;)