Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Give Me "The Boot"

Sometimes I am a "late adopter" of certain trends, even though I might really like it. I have wanted a pair of wedge booties for months, but I can't seem to find the right pair. All the boots I have tried on seemed too clunky and/or too tall (that combo on a tall gal conjures up images of Frankenstein) so I have not made a purchase. Yet. I just realized that the outfit I have been envisioning for Thanksgiving Day really needs a pair of these booties, so I searched high and low for a cool pair. My criteria are simple: not too much of a platform, preferably lace-up, and in brown or taupey-gray... not orthopedic-looking is also a criterion, but that should go without saying ;)
Here are my findings...

For Drooling Over:
Just for dreaming about

From Left to Right: Rick Owens Leather Wedge Boots , Thakoon Wedge Boot, Balenciaga Two Tone Wedge Boot

For Inspiration:
Close to what I want, but too pricey for a trend

From Left to Right: Rag and Bone Odval Desert Wedge Boot, Coclico Wyllow Ankle Boot

For Wearing:
The price and style work for me!

From Left To Right: Trouve Focus Bootie, Steve Madden Marriano Boots, Pam Project 80917 Boot

Do you own lace-up wedge booties? If so, do you have any recommendations for purchasing? If not, are you a "late adopter" too or are you just not feelin' it?


  1. These boots are fab! They're super hot.
    Nice blog hun :)

    Stay gorgeous!

  2. The Balenciaga's are perfect!!

  3. Thanks StylisHedForeVer! And @ Jess- I know, right?! If I only had an extra $1000... ;)

  4. Love those Rag and Bone ones -- too cute!
    xo Josie

  5. These are not my style. I hate lace up boots, sneakers,shoes, anything that will take too much time to get ready.

    Have a lovely day sweetie.