Thursday, November 11, 2010

DIY Project: Pant Drawstring Revolution!

I love a good DIY project and this one is especially great because it is so easy! An adult could complete the project in about a minute, or it could be kid-friendly-- if your kid happens to be Tavi ;)

The Project: Upgrade The Draw-String On Your Cargos (from InStyle magazine)

The Pants!
These are my Hinge paper-bag-waist pants. Nicely slouchy, but could use an update.

Forming Attachments
Attach whatever ribbon you choose to the existing belt with a safety pin and pull through

Tying Up Loose Ends
Once you've pulled the old belt out and the new ribbon through, you're done. It's that simple. I love the minimalist-yet-preppy vibe of this gray ribbon with black outside trim. BUT, I am not going to settle for just one belt....

...when I could have two options! I liked the sparkly belt in the magazine example, but I couldn't find anything glam at the fabric store that didn't look cheap. Then I spotted a ribbon embedded with snaps- just enough shine to make it interesting, but it can go from day to night in a cinch (hehe, get it?!)

Now I have two belt options to give a basic black pant more versatility. My only problem will be to restrain myself from wearing them every day! Any DIY projects that you love?


  1. I am totally loving this! Such a good idea! I really like the ribbon with the studs on it that is a great find!

  2. Great post - thanks for the insight!

  3. you're SO creative. thanks for this post. it'll be SO HELPFUL in the future!

    sincerely, M