Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ain't Nothing Wrong With A Lil' Sparkle...

Inspired by the recent posts of some fashionable bloggers, Emily and the gals from Style, She Wrote, I got to thinking about extending my love of all that is sparkly to the realm of nail polish. And then today, wandering aimlessly through Forever 21 (that super exclusive boutique, remember?) in the overwhelmed way that usually befalls those who dare enter, I saw glittery nail polish! The third time in 3 days? It was fate-- I bought it. And other colors, too, because you can't leave with just one thing from that store ;)

Anyway, mi amiga Jackie came over for dinner and we had a nailpolish soiree. The results are delightfully silly:

All three colors!

I couldn't decide at first, so I tried out each one...

Jackie's Happy Nails!

The duo I ultimately chose (F21 sparkles layered over Revlon's "Steel Her Heart")

The Result

I love how sparkly my nails are; too much for every day on the fingers, in my mind anyway, so I will keep it mostly for Christmas and maybe New Year's if I let it venture beyond my toes again...

Are you nuts about the trend or is it just plain nuts? Any new polish colors you love to wear or that you are dying to get?

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  1. Those are really cute and I need to get the sparkly one..It will be perfect for the Holidays:)
    Happy Tuesday,sweetie