Monday, December 13, 2010

Current Etsy Wishlist: Rings!

I love shopping on And by shopping, I mean looking because if I bought everything I wanted I would be typing this from inside my car...but then again, I would be living in my car with fabulous rings on every finger, so life wouldn't be so bad....

Anyway, I constantly blab about my fascination with Etsy and how much I love my onegarnetgirl ring (here and here), so she is represented in the selection, natch, but there are other favorites, too. I have a new favorite I found off of a link on exPress-o's blog, so thanks Diana! One thing I have noticed is that I never do anything halfway with my jewels...I either want super simple/understated or super bold/garish.

(Click on a picture to link back to its respective Etsy boutique)

What is on your wishlist? And do you shop/look on Etsy for anything specific?


  1. You are so welcome, darling:) I also adore etsy and those rings you chose are stunning...I so want those from the 6th photo...Awww..adorable! Happy Monday, my dear

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful home decor GIVEAWAY today, just in time for Christmas!

  2. I love the stack-able rings! I just won a gift certificate to the Fridashophie jewelry shop on Etsy and I'm excited to get some goodies! Love your wishlist...xo

  3. Beautiful!! That first ring is so amazing.

    Julie xo

  4. These are some cool rings.. I really like the second one. I love browsing etsy also, haven't bought anything yet.

  5. very pretty! i often get overwhelmed with etsy because there's SO MUCH on there.


  6. Hey girl, thanks for your comment and for following on Boutiques! Wanna follow my blog on google and/or bloglovin too?? I'm following you now!