Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The One That Got Away....

Was there ever an item that you found, loved, and should have bought- but for some reason you didn't purchase it....and then you regretted it? The "failure to purchase," for whatever reason it occurred, seems like a black mark on your fashion savvy scorecard and haunts you whenever you create an outfit that seems like it's missing something.... oh wait, it's that thing you should have gotten.... Fail.

Maybe you don't have one of those items that got away- well that's great for you. The rest of us can sigh and think about that necklace/pair of stilettos/wallet/scarf that got away. And maybe have a glass of "whine" over it ;)

After all that build-up, here is my relatively simple, regrettably-not-purchased fixation:

This is the "Carina" bag by Isabella Fiore. Not anything crazy, but I love the hardware, color, and massive size (you could hop in there and have a nap). And although they are not common, I saw a lady with black version of this bag over her arm the other week and almost mugged her for it...

...but I didn't, which is a good thing or I would be writing this from jail.

Do you have something that got away....?


  1. Aww that bag is beautiful:) I have a few things like that too...There is the amazing necklace I saw a few days ago...Awww
    Kisses and hugs, darling

  2. That bag is gorge! And I have more than a few things that things that I have done that with. You want to kick yourself for not buying it! xo

  3. That bag is awesome and I'm very proud that you were able to contain yourself. Not sure I could have held it together...I had a pair of Miu Miu heels a few years ago...the patent color block ones? yes. they had one pair left and for some STUPID reason i put them back. they fit like a glove.

    See I lost the ability to type in caps just thinking about it!! I'll never forget!



  4. many things have gotten away! tried the "sleep on it and if you still want it, go back and get it" theory...and when i still wanted it the next morning, i went back and found that it was gone!


  5. oh yes, i've definitley had a few things--but they occur frequently. today it was a cropped sweater at H&M for $10...why did i walk away?!

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  6. Oh yes...many things have gotten away and high on my list is Isabella Fiore. I was devastated when I heard the bags were no more...this one is a beauty and I love the hardware, size, and color!

  7. All the time, dear! You're definitely not alone on this one... I'm constantly beating myself up for not getting something when they still had it in season or in my size!
    xo Josie

  8. YES - this happens to me all the time and I hate myself later on. Especially if it was something on sale...

    For me its usually shoes or handbags. Just a few weeks ago, I saw a Marc Jacobs bag on sale that I'd been wanting. I figured that I would buy it the next day, after I thought about it for a bit - and guess what? SOLD OUT! Uggghhh.