Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sweet Dreams

I checked in on fashiontoast's blog and instantly fell in love with her picture of a Hudson Furniture Inc. bed. I love nature-inspired furniture with organic lines and texture and this bed does not disappoint. The marbling in the wood grain is awesome, but my favorite part is the rough-hewn headboard. Sigh. The picture immediately sent me into a daydream about how I would redecorate my room around the bed....

To soften the massive bed, I would add these decadently fluffy neutral linens from CB2, textured knit pillows like this one from West Elm, and the warm glow of light from this chandelier from Anthropologie. With this set-up, I can guarantee that I would be in bed on time (if not early) every night! :)


  1. Everything looks so chic. And that chandelier from Anthro is awesome!! Wish I had somewhere to put it....