Monday, October 25, 2010

The Little Things

After being sick this weekend and not being able to eat, this salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, lil' balls of fresh mozzarella and a little basil and oregano) seemed like heaven. Not only was it was light and refreshing, but I just feel better when I eat something that is healthy and delicious. As silly as it is that this salad made my day, I think it's good to remember that the little things that make you happy are important to note.
What little things make you happy?
Have a great Monday!


  1. sometimes it really is the little things that make us happy. it's nice to slow down and savor the great things about life. :) glad to hear u're feeling better

  2. Oh yuuummm. I might have to make one of these this week....

  3. Oh, this looks SO good. Isn't it interesting how what we eat can have SUCH an effect on mood?
    xo Josie