Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Favorite New Thing!

Like everyone else, I get into a rut with my work outfits. I try to mix things up, but when your work is always freezing and you are on your feet 8 hrs a day, your combos dwindle to something like: pants + flats + sweater/blazer or skirt/dress + flats + tights/leggings + sweater/blazer.....Day after day after day...Not that exciting. Lately, I have been throwing in some different, inexpensive accessories to get my daily dose of inspirational pizazz. This week, I got a scarf at this ultra-exclusive boutique you might know as Forever 21 (hehe). I am a fan of prints, but animal motifs are a little unnerving in large doses, so this scarf is the perfect amount of fierce for me. Paired with black skinny pants and drapey cardi and some gray pearls, this scarf kicked the outfit's intensity up a notch while remaining cozy.
The color is a bit more vibrant in person, which is fun, and the price tag ($8.80) was waaaaay too good to resist :) What do you do to prevent the "Office Outfit Rut"?

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