Friday, June 18, 2010

Wear Thongs in Public!

...on your feet! (I crack myself up!) I live in a HOT climate, as I have mentioned in an earlier post, and dressing sparingly while maintaining a fashionable appearance is an art. I have taken to wearing flip flops when I am not a work, but I don't want to ruin a great outfit with grungy sandals, (chunky foam=eww). In addition, I am a tall gal, so I like flat sandals for day, but want to capture the more elegant vibe of a heeled sandal. Lots of criteria!, but being picky paid off and I found some fun options to share:

J.Crew leather Capri sandal, $39.50

The go-to sandal. Super thin and basic, this style is not a scene-stealer, but it goes as well with linen shorts as with a floral dress. (And they are on sale right now- yea!)

Vera Wang Lavender Label Nita Sandal, $195 ($136.50 at shopbop)

This is the next generation of the gladiator sandal. Instead of being weighty and chunky, this lil' number balances a sturdy heel with finely sculpted front straps, giving it substance derived from architecture rather than sheer mass. This pair would be great for an adult day-to-night option.

Diane von Furstenberg Jaya sandal, $79

Jelly sandals! These appeal to the grown-up in me, ("greige" color I love in a totally wearable design), as well as the kid in me, (I repeat- jelly sandals!) Also, Zappos has more color options, but they are on sale online at Nordstrom.

Any favorite summer sandals you've spotted? A shoe trend you are dying to try?

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  1. These selections are great. I have a couple JCrew capri sandals and I'm liking the shape of the Vera Wang ones--they don't have a strap that visually chops you off at the ankle :)