Monday, June 7, 2010

Barneys!!!! (...NY, not the dinosaur...)

Barneys New York has excellent buyers. They pick great bags, shoes, etc, etc, but my favorite part of a Barneys visit is the jewelry department. On a recent shopping trip with a good friend, a friend with great taste who loves jewelry as much as I do if not more, we had to go in and have a look!

I love both bold and intricate styles, so my panoramic appreciation, (or stubborn lack of refinement of my taste and style), means that I have to look at EVERYTHING :) I love Cathy Waterman's tiny rings with organic shapes, the way Lucifer Vir Honestus' pieces are wildly twisted and daring, (the linked ring reminds me of tiny mushrooms), and they way Sandra Dini balances both rapid movement of vine-like metal with the serenity of a tranquil slab of opal in her ring. For earrings, I love Sharon Khazzam's gold pair with chunky diamond slices. I would love to have that style of stone for an engagement ring because it is so unusual and so simple at the same time. Another simple-yet-stunning pair comes from Dean Harris. I love the stone color and the delicate setting. Judy Geib, (a favorite for obvious reasons), also makes delicate creations out of fun and funky shapes.

In the Co-Op section, I love Etten Eller's use of bolts and other little, chunky materials mixed with delicate chains. The necklaces with tiny webs of watch gears have since disappeared, but I am determined to make my own verison once I find a watch that A) doesn't mind getting busted open and B) isn't digital, so it actually contains watch gears.

More on my visit later, but now I need to hurry up and daydream about what I damage I would do if I win the lottery today........
What is your favorite place to shop? Is your weakness shoes? Jewelry? Bags?

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