Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's a Cinch!

It's getting warmer...ok, let's be honest- it's getting darn hot and being hot gets me cranky! Instead of dwelling on the rising temperatures, I will focus on the fun summer clothing and accessory options that this type of weather will allow. On my mind...belts! Over a boyfriend tee or a summer dress, the right belt can finish an outfit and since they can be mixed and matched with many outfits, the versatility is endless! Here are some of my favorites to define your waist:

Looping Lanes Belt at Anthropologie, $44

I loved braided leather and the unusual interlacing.

Skinny Leather Belt at J.Crew, $32.50

Love the sweet, punchy color with light neutrals as well as black.

Wrap Belt by ADA, $75

This is an uber-flattering, classic available in a ton of colors.

I also love the Ecote Studded Belt at Urban Outfitters, but the computer wouldn't allow me to post the image, but it is a cute take on a rock 'n' roll style worth checking out!

Any recent belt purchases you love? Other summer accessories you are excited about?

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