Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Big Ole Jet Airliner....

That Steve Miller song is playing in my head as I am packing...well, I am taking a break, but I have been making progress! I am leaving for a family wedding in the midwest tomorrow and am super excited(!) BUT, (there is always one of those), it will most likely be storming the entire time I am there. I am glad to get out of the heat, so it's not the weather I am worried about- it's the packing! I have goaled myself at one carry-on bag and a garment bag, but need to fit enough clothes for a long weekend with options for warm and humid days and contrasting cold and rainy nights and mornings. I am sure my outfit selection will need a lot of editing!

Any tips for packing? Anywhere fun to vacation that would seem unlikely but turned out to be awesome?

Have a great weekend!

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