Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Help Yourself to Help Yourself

I am not highly critical of fashion decisions. I know what does and doesn't work for me and that is not the same for the next girl, so if a certain style genre works for your shape and personality, go for it! Style is a personal choice and type of expression, so being different is the intent... well, and looking attractive, but since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that one is subjective, too...

Having said that, there are a few things that do not work on anyone:

-Crocs: I know they are comfortable, but your foot looks like it is caught in a bear trap make of Smurfs.

-Boyfriend blazers with shoulder pads: Thank you for helping Goodwill's sales, but linebackers belong on the football field and your jacket is swallowing you whole.

-Overplucked eyebrows: Natural is better! Clean up your shape by all means, but too thin makes you look either perpetually surprised or like a mean cat lady.... And less effort required to look good-what isn't awesome about that?!

But not all my thoughts are negative, folks. There are some things that never fail to improve your look:

-The wrap dress: DvF is forever my hero for this uber-flattering creation. Get one of her prints for a statement or try a solid color. The right shoes and jewelry will make it the most versatile piece in your arsenal as well as the most flattering.

-The right bra: Trust me, the girls can make or break your whole outfit and they need some help from time to time. A bra that fits can make all the difference in your silhouette... and make your life more comfortable, too!

-A smile: I think it's a mental reaction we have to people who are mean- they just seem less attractive. Conversely, a smile on your face makes you more agreeable to brain and eyes alike... And a lil teeth-whitening doesn't hurt!

What are your favorite and least favorite trends? Have a picture of yourself in Crocs and football pads that you think is stunning and want to share?

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