Sunday, June 13, 2010

Barneys!!!! (continued)

I may not be a shoe whore....but I sure am a bag lady. A fabulous bag that combines slouchy, supple leather with a bit of regimented structure gets me every time. I have made some random and delightful finds in my shopping career, like a $20 Stella McCartney in a textured neutral, but I am not solely a high-fashion devotee, (my fav's are regulars like Kooba, Botkier, Isabella Fiore, and Tulah Ray), but there are a few bags that make me weak-in-the-knees despite their haute-y status.

Givenchy medium "Pandora" bag, $1,875

It has only one handle originating from the side seam/corner, so the bag hangs at a funny angle when worn. I am not sure how well this design would wear in "real life," but it is a fun concept. I found the purple color on a bag blog, click the pic to check out the other colors!

Proenza Schouler "PS1," starting at $1,995

This bag is a little "It Bag" looking for my taste, but I admit I love the classic, timeless styling. I love the selection and colors at Barney's, but found the version pictured on Love the color and texture!

Alexander Wang "Diego Bucket" bag, $825

I have designed a bag in my head that combines super supple leather, structure, and a wanton use of studs on the bottom of the bag. I would have given the studs a crazy pattern or made my company's logo, but I love Wang's use of a common accessory in an uncommon way. His bags are more original than the norm, but totally wearable.

I love the light grey color on Shopbop (pictured). Perfect for summer!

***(I got basic info and prices from Barney's since that's where I found the bags, but if the photos are from another site, I have the picture linked to that site)***

What are your favorite bags? Guilty pleasures or purely practical?

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