Monday, June 28, 2010

Turquoise: Not Just for Snowbirds Anymore!

A classic color associated with summer, turquoise is a great option to brighten up any outfit. It can be worn dressy or casual and goes just as well with light colors, (think white or pale neutrals in monochromatic ensembles), as with dark colors, (instant pop against a black backdrop). Sometimes it is the focal point of garrish "native american," (only vaguely inspired by authentic Native American art and then produced on an assembly line in China), art pieces purchased only by dementia-ridden snowbirds. This gives turquoise a bad rap, but in reality, it can be incorporated into a modern wardrobe tastefully and with ease just by adding a great accessory:

**Add color subtly with SIMPLE pieces**

Melissa Joy Manning ring, $465

I love that this isn't the typical, overly-Southwestern turquoise ring seen stacked on the fingers of grizzled retirees. I also love the delicate band and rough-hewn shape of the stone. (Or do I like it because it looks like the "Gushers" snack I used to love as a kid...? hehe).

Ipploita earrings, $395

These earrings show the veining and color gradations of classic turquoise pieces without the bulky, heavy cut. Pair these with a blousy t-shirt or sundress for day or a sleeker ensemble for night.

**Or punch up your look with STATEMENT pieces**

Hunter original short Wellington boots, $105

Who wouldn't want to splish-splash in summer rain storms with these bright and cheery boots? A fun, colorful take on a classic style, these would be perfect for all your outdoor concert-going needs!

YSL "Aco" Stone Ring, $195

The word "crazysauce" came to mind when I saw this ring. And I am pretty sure that is not a real word, so basically this ring is so intense that it requires the creation of new words just to describe it! Gesticulations with this ring on your index will captivate your audience at an unprecedented level! ;)

Are you going "simple" or "statement" for bright accessories this summer? Or do you love cheesy turquoise bolo ties and aren't afraid to flaunt them?

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