Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gotta Keep Enough Lettuce to Support Yo Shoe Fetish...

I have always been a purse-girl, but lately my eyes have been opened to the awesomeness of shoes....oh, shoes! I love the impractical and the quirky (seen here) but I know I won't wear shoes that aren't at least somewhat comfortable, so I am pretty picky... (which is why purses are so great, you don't have to break them in and they won't give you shin splints and blisters!)... Part of reining in my bad shopping habits (or good habits if bankruptcy your life goal) is my practice of considering an item for a period of time instead of buying it on impulse -aka- stalking it online and perhaps in the store until I make a decision. Sometimes though, I. Just. Can't. Decide!

I like these Jeffery Campbell "Cast" Sandals because I want a black sandal that as a low, sturdy heel (I am on my feet all day at work, so I wimp out on anything more than a kitten heel) but is not a granny sandal. Something for dresses and skinnies and for wearing shorts in the evening... but are they too vampy for day? Or just plain fugly? I can't decide, but I have stalked them to the point that they have gone on sale and now I will need to make a decision soon!

What do you think? Be honest, really, I can take it ;)

Also, how cute are these new Jeffrey Campbell "Situation" heels?!
I love the contrasting bow and heel color! Tres proper, yes? Check out the other cute colors combos here! For being a purse girl, I am really starting to get into shoes. (Quasi pun?) What about you? Are you a purse or shoe or cosmetics or anything else kind of girl?

PS- I should be packing for my "snow-showers" trip and instead I am drooling over shoes. I am such an effective procrastinator!


  1. The cage effect on those Jeffrey Campbells is killer! Love it.
    xo Josie

  2. i'm definitely a shoe girl. i think the casts could work. what would you wear them with? i could totally see w/a skirt or dress. maybe a legging but it could be whack if it got a little tight in there. know what i mean? just order those mothers and if you don't like them return them. that's my policy. :)


  3. You don't have to twist my arm with shoes...I have a slight what some may call...addiction. It's a problem. On another note, the cage heels are hot. Sign on the dotted line girl....xo

  4. Lately I've been more and more obsessed with shoes... I too have always been obsessed with handbags but shoes are getting my attention more and more! Those Jeffrey Campbell shoes are adorable!

  5. Oh I love Jeffery Campbell! And I love that you used the word "fugly" in your post! Bahahahaha!

  6. those heels are gorgeous. But, there is something in the shape of the cage sandals that is just off

  7. I prefer the jeffrey campbell one !! I'm a bow addict !!!


  8. The Jeffrey Campbell pair is amazing and I totally have a shoe-crush:) Kisses, darling
    Happy Friday

  9. Not gonna lie, one of the main reasons I work is for shoes (I work in a shoe store too. Convenient, no?) but I'm also a total bag girl. I love the situation heels and they'd be so cute with some more man-tailored pieces, but those cast sandals will go with everything in your spring/summer wardrobe. Def get them! :) xoxo Marissa

  10. Love these shoes! I definitely go through phases. I've been through a massive shoe phase, a purse phase, and right now I'm going through a cosmetics obsession. Lol. :P

  11. Love the JC's! They remind me of a similar pair -- with a stiletto heel -- I saw at BCBG. Very cool. xo style, she wrote