Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sweet Conflict

I have a problem. This isn't the venue to discuss my serious vices and flaws, (that would be blog material for years), but let's invite my lack of curatorial focus into the spotlight, shall we? I like so many different styles and colors and silhouettes that I find it hard to describe my own style in a remotely succinct phrase.

Example? How about right now, while I am catching up on all the blog posts I have "missed" from my favorites over the weekend, I gravitated towards two completely different looks:

Bold, statement-making colors at Mr. Newton (reminds you of my recent "brights" post? And how awesome are here shoes?!?!?)

Spare use of color and restrained architectural lines at Late Afternoon (so simple, so perfect)

The two outfits could not be more different, but I love them both. How am I ever going to hone a signature style if my preferences are so diverse? Are you decisive when it comes to your style or do you just embrace whatever catches your eye?


  1. Couldn't love that pop of orange more! So glam.

  2. Both are really amazing and totally different. I would probably adapt them both to the style I wear by choosing parts of each to make it my own:) Happy Tuesday, darling

  3. These are ADORABLE -- I especially love the second one!
    xo Josie

  4. i'm totally indecisive like you, I like so many things and so many looks!

  5. i totally hear you on this. i'm all over the place - one day i'm olivia palermo'ing across the room and the next day you'll find me sashaying around town doing the mrs. roper in my $3 dress.

    hence the name: this free bird.

    embrace your inner bird lady!


  6. Loving the look from Late Afternoon...simple, understated and so classy. xo

  7. you would rock either of those

  8. Ps: I’m hosting an EmersonMade GIVEAWAY today! Super cute shirt just in time for spring:)
    Kisses, darling

  9. Well, those ARE pretty fabulous looks! I adore color, so I prefer the first look the most. :) But ya know what, the best part of fashion is just gravitating towards what you think is beautiful or fabulous...otherwise it would be boring! xoxo

  10. I too have a hard time determining my style because I love and am inspired by so many different things! I don't blame you at all because I also love both photos and would totally find a way to make either style my own xoxo Marissa

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  12. I really love the first one because of all the color combination!! :)

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