Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Love Accordions!

That is, accordion pleats.

My recent post (here) on sheer, flowy clothing with prints naturally made me think about flowy clothing with pleats (I say "naturally" because it is a natural progression in my mind, but probably not the same for most sane people, so bear with me). Ever since I saw the look on Chloe's Spring 2011 runway, I have been hooked:

But, I haven't found a pleated skirt for my wardrobe. Not for lack of searching, as you will see:

I like this American Apparel version because of the similar color, but I am not ecstatic about the shiny fabric and the fact that everyone else already has it:

I love this look captured by Mr. Newton (is it me, or is this the same girl from my "brights" post?):

I love the length and price of this option, but the green might be too bold for all the soft, subtle colors I am into right now for spring:

I also like this Trina Turk office-friendly version. It is reminiscent of a school uniform of sorts:

Has anyone successfully acquired an accordion number of their own? If so, details! And I can't decide if this is a trend we'll be seeing for a while, or something that will be gone by the end of the summer....?


  1. Oh, I'm ADORING this look! SO pretty and very chic... I'm loving how ladylike details are in for spring.
    xo Josie

  2. torture!! pure torture!! i love this look...that chloe skirt is over $2000. i almost passed out. then i ate 3 chocolate bars.

    no bueno.


  3. I wonder if it would be easy to recreate in chiffon or something like that

  4. @ Carrie: 3 chocolate bars is MUY bueno in my book!
    @flutter: Pleating in general is a heinously tedious undertaking and chiffon (tho gorgeous) is the worst!! Or maybe I just value my (remaining) sanity when undertaking sewing projects.