Monday, March 7, 2011

Soft Sands

I normally skip over my Shopbop email of the day, but today, they hooked me! The "Soft Sands" shoot was on a sandy beach (natch) with clothing that would certainly be appropriate for urban living, but looked effortless in the wind and surf. Here are some of the looks:

The above dress is my favorite! Needless to say, I was plotting an immediate beach-escape while eating my breakfast, but decided that it was better to go to work...for now at least ;)
Does anyone else get lots of shopping emails and rarely look at them?


  1. Oh, pretty! That's funny because I don't usually skip over their emails, but today I did. Thanks for posting this because they are really beautiful pics :)

  2. I must get 35786 shopping emails a day and rarely get the time to look at them. But funny enough I did look at this one too! Love the ethereal organic vibe of it. Gorge! xo

  3. I get way way too many shopping emails everyday. I try to unsubscribe but I can't bring myself to let go of some of my favorite stores.

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  4. These are all so gorgeous -- I desperately have to stop signing up for shopping e-mails!
    xo Josie

  5. Agree- love their lookbooks. Usually skip my daily email, but some are too alluring!

  6. I hardly look at shopping e-mails! I hate being bombarded by them -- it actually makes me less interested. I recently went on a "purge" where I unsubscribed from tons of lists; it really helped! xo style, she wrote

  7. What a gorgeous dress! Love how "flowy" it is, and that color is beautiful.

  8. I saw them in my email too, I loved the looks. As much as I would love to continue my shopping habits on shopbob, the C.O.D i get is always insane X_X.

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  9. Im totally smitten with the last pink dress..It looks perfect for spring and summer:) Have a fantastic Thursday, darling