Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tribal Brain...

Whenever a new collection debuts on one of my favorite websites, such as Anthropologie, I scroll through the new stuff and if I see anything that catches my eye, I right-click on an interesting item to open in a new tab and then review my findings when I am done scanning the collection. (This makes me seem organized, but it is really just a frenzy of scrolling and "ooohs" and "aaahs")...

Anyway, I did this today and found a definite theme linking the items I had opened in the new tabs. My brain must subconsciously be looking for items with a tribal influence:

Neubauten Necklace at ModCloth
(Simple and geometric. I could see this going tribal or super modern)

Sahelian Acacia Shorts at Anthropologie
(It's like a herd of zebra on your butt! Fantastic!?)

Tilda Necklace by Alexis Bittar
(Must. do. neck exercises. to prepare. for. wearing)

Ok, so how many of you have already run out of the house to buy some zebra shorts?! J/K. What themes are playing in your subconscious these days?


  1. (giggle)I really want/need those shorts!!! They would be perfect with a white tee:) Kisses, darling
    Happy Thursday

  2. I love that necklace! So pretty.
    xo Josie

  3. that tilda necklace is wonderful!! wow!

  4. Loving this tribal feel. Those shorts are killer!

  5. I am dying over the Alexis Bittar necklace fo sho! And yes, definitely gonna have to do neck exercises to hold that mug up!

  6. Umm.. I'm gonna go out and get those shorts!! (maybe) Love the first necklace too. I love/hate when new stuff comes out because I always want to throw out everything in my closet and get all new stuff.

  7. All I'm saying is I'm down with this. Where and when are the neck exercise classes and can we do this via skype?