Thursday, February 17, 2011

One Pou-Shay, Please!

I stumbled across this beauty on and have been thinking about it all day! This Chiffon Pouchette can be worn as a crossbody and a clutch and I love the light texture of the bag and the chain strap. It comes in two colors as well:

How cool would the neutral color look with an all-black outfit? Especially something really minimalist and/or tough:And don't get me started on this bright, watermelon color! This would be the perfect accessory for daytime outfits of jeans (the "new" flare jeans, anyone?!) and flats as well as nighttime party dresses!

Something about the light and fluffy chiffon and the bright colors make me feel like spring really is just around the corner! Is there an item you have fixated on as your piece de resistance for spring?


  1. these are gorgeous! almost like an Easter egg in tone and shape, which I love!


  2. I love both of them -- especially the nude shade! So pretty.
    xo Josie

  3. These are so perfect and adorable! The watermelon one has me swooning...xo

    P.S. And for the record, we are totally justified! haha

  4. They are both wonderful! One would be great, but two might be necessary?


  5. Beautiful colors. Love the texture too!

  6. Pretty, soft & very feminine! Just my style!!!

  7. Such a pretty colours and totally perfect for spring. Muah, sweetie