Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Well, Hello There!

The past few weeks have not been exceptionally productive for me, but they have sure been fun!! My good friend (her awesome blog here) made her first visit to D-Town and I am happy to report that she made it home alive! hehe. It was great to have her visit and I am already having withdrawals :( but no time to dwell on that because my fiancee's brother is flying in today for his first visit!

[Side note: I love how my visitors excitedly equate Detroit with 8 Mile and Eminem. 8 Mile is just a road and I have never seen Eminem, but if it entices visitors or gives me street cred, I am all for it!]

I have also been looking for a new job-ola, but no luck yet. I have been told it will take a while, (this isn't the most booming metropolis) but I feel like I could do a great job at something if I knew what the heck I wanted. Readers, how have you found your (current) calling? Trial and error? Mystic visions? Jail? Divine intervention? Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

This is one of my most recent projects: 

I know the next big trend will be earrings, but I love me a statement bracelet and a DIY project!

Are you working on any DIY projects of your own? Any job/soul-searching tips? I hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. LOVE this project- it's gorgeous!

  2. LOVE that bracelet and the splash of color!

  3. I hope you will find something that you will love and that bracelet is amazing. You did such a wonderful job with it. Im totally impressed:) Muah, sweetie

  4. I am totally obsessed with your bracelet! I would love to do a project like this! I'm sure half the fun is picking out the color combos!

  5. Can you PLEASE post a tutorial for that bracelet? It's absolutely darling!
    xo Josie

  6. Awesome bracelet! I just met Jessica from What I Wore, and she had one similar to this! She said her friend made it.
    I graduated from college 3 months ago, and I'm searching for jobs, too. After all the resume and cover letter writing, it's like searching for a job IS a job! Good luck to you, and hopefully something will come our way soon!

  7. Great DIY bracelet! It looks like it was store-bought. I made this clutch last week...http://www.styleshewrote.com/2012/03/diy-uptown-clutch.html

    And as for job/soul searching advice, just follow your passion and all else will follow.

    xo style, she wrote