Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm a Leap Year Sale Sucker!

I love a good sale and retailers know this, so they invent random sales to entice me to buy things... And it works because I was checking my email over breakfast and got completely distracted by a sale email from Urban Outfitters. In honor of the 29 days of the leap year, they have a few hundred goodies marked 29% off for today only. Now my breakfast is cold and my browser has 10 tabs of Urban merchandise open....

Here are my favorites:

1. COPE Striped Slit Back Top. This top would be great to wear layered now and on its own when (if) spring rolls around. And there are three different color combos to choose from-- all of them are good!
2. Herringbone Duvet Cover. This also comes in a variety of colors and I love that it is a simple, repeating pattern but very graphic and bold. Your bed is usually your largest piece of furniture to decorate with, so it's fun to make a statement with it (and textiles are easy to switch out, so it's low risk, too!)
3. Marquee Alphabet Light. Art piece + ambient lighting is a win-win! I have featured Z because of my last name, but they have every alphabet letter and E,F,M and N are my favorites in this typeface.
4. Boo: The Life of the World's Cutest Dog By J.H. Lee. Please don't question my sanity or intelligence but I am a sucker for this dog! He looks like some sort of mutated walking teddy bear and I love it. I think I even follow Boo on facebook...!
5. Pantone 100 Postcards. My sister got me this set (she is awesome, I know) and rather than use them as postcards I have been using them to create mock-ups of decor vignettes and envision wedding colors. Pantone colors are standardized so it is easier to find the color I am looking for than if I use paint swatches from home improvement stores (can't have my greens too yellow, etc)

Any other leap year sales I should(n't) know about? And am I alone in thinking Boo is hilariously cute?


  1. That top is ADORABLE. I want!
    xo Josie

  2. I LOVE that top and the duvet cover is simply amazing. Have a wonderful day, darling. xo

  3. I had no idea today was a big sale day! I would love that duvet cover.



  4. Wow! You really know all the good ones. Love that split back top! xo style, she wrote

  5. The Pantone set is amazing! I really need to get myself that! judgment on Boo, that dog is so darn cute :)

  6. Ugh- I had an awesome pink blazer in my cart for that sale and forgot about it until the next day and missed out... :(

    Love that alphabet light- I want one of those!!