Monday, February 20, 2012

"Two Tubes of Lipstick"

This post is actually not cosmetic product-related;  my sister's bf says my legs look like "two tubes of lipstick" when I wear these pink skinny jeans, but my inner Man Repeller has decided to run with it. Literally. I was practically running away from him and my sis for part of this impromptu photo session (and being a goof the rest of the time bc I can't stand having my photo taken. There would be many more outfit posts on this blog if I could!!) I forgot I had these photos, they were taken at Christmas time in AZ, but the outfit definitely supports my newly stated dedication to wearing color (as I posted here):

You can tell I am less-than-enthused about having my picture taken, but then the caffeine I am holding kicks in!

Don't make fun of my pants! I will run away from you and not share my delicious beverage! 
I have lots of photos of making this exact face as a kid, btw, I might be crazy from birth.

 Playing nice. Enjoy the sun glinting off my disheveled bun and massive fly-aways.

 The jeans are so soft and stretchy I bet wearing them is like what wearing Pajama Jeans and keeping 
your dignity would feel like if those two things could ever coexist in this universe.

Shopping for magazines for the flight home. To make the cut, it must be large enough issue to distract me for 
4+ hours and small enough that I don't get scoliosis from carrying it in my purse!

 JCrew shirt, thrifted belt (kids section, I believe), Urban Outfitters high-rise skinny jean (purchased my pink pair in Oct so that color is long gone, but the new mint color is awesome), GAP flats, Francesco Biasia bag (few years old, but a great plane carry-on)

 Embracing the bright pants yourself? Or do you try to avoid the "tubes-of-lipstick" effect? hehe


  1. Don't listen -- I think they're ADORABLE! Especially with your chambray shirt.
    xo Josie

  2. Those tubes of lipstick are great! I love the running photo and the little kid expression photo :)

  3. I think that those pants look super amazing on you, sweetie. I love the whole outfit! I have a pair of red and mustard jeans that I simply adore. Kisses and hugs.

  4. look fab! And I'm with you...all about embracing the brights! xo

  5. I love the bright pants! I just got a pair in red and am having so much fun wearing them. Enjoy the spotlight! xo style, she wrote

  6. I love that you were running away. Seriously awesome pics!! I'm not sure where I stand on bright pants. I like them on others, but not so sure about on me?

    1. Carrie, I think you should go for a boho look with a flared pair. I have cobalt Stitch's that make me think of FreePeople and thus, you! Got them from a Hautelook sale, so keep an eye out! :)