Thursday, January 26, 2012

Color-Pop-Goes-My-Brain And I Take On A Project

Let me start by saying I love gray. I love it so much I try to make it seem cooler by spelling it "grey"...

But I have noticed that grey is becoming a default color (or lack thereof) in my wardrobe. Winter dressing is a challenge for me because of all these new acoutrements that freezing temperatures necessitate; how do I make everything work together?! My mornings seem to go like this:
1) Assemble great outfit with colors I like. Yea!
2) Ready myself to leave and remember that I need to wear gloves, hat and coat.
3) Second-guess my outfit because now all the accessories need to coordinate with the existing look.
4) Sigh, change into regular jeans and a grey sweater so that I don't look like a drunken Easter egg.

Not the most positive way to start the day, eh? But this morning I thought, "What's so wrong with looking like an Easter egg?" I have been walking around looking as interesting as a bald Chia head, but I want to sprout into a colorful novelty garden, darn it! The muted tones I have been wearing do nothing to express my personality and they do nothing to alleviate the winter blues. I don't know if wearing neon can prevent S.A.D. but it doesn't depress me, so why wait until spring to bust out the brighter colors?

Fast forward to the current moment and I am looking at collection of goodies that spans the rainbow and in fabrics that range from silk to denim. Anthropologie and Madewell have some of my favorites and since those stores are 4 miles away from my house I think a little reconnaissance mission is in order....

Madewell has great basics in bold colors and what would make you happier than throwing on a cobalt tee and lemon pants?
1. Outfield sweater in bistro blue
2. Skinny colorpop jeans in electric citron
3. Silk singalong top in plum orchid
4. Penfield kasson parka in bistro blue

Anthropologie had lots of cheery colors, but the items with fun prints and patterns were especially eye-catching:

1. Other Sands scarf in turquoise
2. Southfork Rancher hat in red
3.Tufted Dots sweater in grey motif and neutral motif 
(I liked both colors too much to choose between them!)

"Okay, lady," you say, "you have colorful inspiration, so what?" Well, now I have to make some outfits with bright pieces. And to make sure I start walking towards the light, I will force myself to wear bright colors all weekend to break my dreary habit. Hopefully by next week I will reserve grey for accent and balance and have lots of colorful outfit snaps to post! (cross your fingers!)
Have you been embracing bright or are you too bogged down in a sea of dark neutrals?


  1. Funny, today I decided to go a little color crazy as well! I've been feeling too neutral, so I threw on some pink acid wash jeans and a pastel blue-pink buttoned top. Kind of crazy, and I definitely looked like an easter egg, but I liked it.

  2. I LOVE these fun brights for spring! Those yellow pants are absolutely to die for.
    xo Josie

  3. Hey! You know you could always get neutral winter accessories! I have a navy scarf and gloves and that way I can wear bright coats (like my yellow one) or bright outfits! Besides- once you have your gloves, hat, and scarf on... no one can see your outfit underneath! I say color on top, then you take off the winter gear and you have color underneath too!! Unleash your bad color self! :) good luck this weekend!

    p.s. went to Madewell last weekend, there stuff is super adorable!
    p.p.s. my blog is you should check it out sometime!

  4. I'm loving that Anthro scarf. Of course I'm partial to neutrals, but I did add a big yellow necklace to my charcoal and black ensemble today :) Can't wait to see if you post any bright color outfit pics!

  5. I really love the colors!! cant wait for spring and lighter colorful dressing begins!! :)

    love your blog,

    love K

  6. I am loving those Madewell colored pieces! xx

  7. I totally support a step in the BRIGHT direction! (Sorry -- couldn't resist!) xo style, she wrote

  8. i cant wait until i can wear spring clothes!

  9. I love these colors! I'm a total darks/neutrals person, but I have to have pops of color in my outfit, too.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. this hat is great!!! :)

    love K

  11. I tend to favor grey as my neutral of choice but pairing it with some color is a must. I think I actually get antsy if I'm color deprived and color can be so cheery. Welcome to the world of color! I think you'll like it :) I'm just adoring the Madewell sweater and jeans.