Friday, January 13, 2012

I Had Mexican Food For Lunch and I Got Something That Wasn't Indigestion!

Love  and delicious Mexican food were on my brain when I was back home in AZ with Mark-a-licious. His mother lives in AZ, but an hour and a half from my parents, so we had separate Christmas celebrations with our respective families and were excited to see each other the following week. We had lunch at a cute Mexican food joint where we had our first date (doesn't look like much, but it's pretty legit, just in case you are ever in Scottsdale and have an enchilada craving!) and then ambled around Old Town Scottsdale for a while. There are so many cheesy, tourist boutiques brimming with bolo ties and kachina dolls and it is quite entertaining to take it all in. I brought my camera in case I saw anything cool, like this giant reproduction of a Marco Polo sheep:

Or ram. Whatever it is.

On our walk, we also stumbled across the giant L.O.V.E statue. It's a reproduction of the classic 60's design by Robert Indiana and several of them around the world (Philly and NYC are the US locations that come to mind). I decided I needed a few snaps of my outfit for this blog because I can't remember the last time I did an outfit post.

You can't really see me, but for once, it wasn't due to my photography skills. Or lack thereof!

And that's the last photo of me as a single lady. He proposed right after he took two photos-- I had to come down and check them out and he happened to be on his knee to get the right sun angle (yeesh, I can't believe I didn't see it coming!) and the rest was a blur of adorableness. It turns out that the whole "aimless" walk was totally orchestrated and I had played into his plans perfectly by requesting a picture near the statue. In retrospect, I think it was the perfect moment because although there were lots of people out walking in the park that day, we were alone at the statue at the moment he popped the question (which was nice because I am shy and fearful of attention in public....which is why I have a blog and not a TV show, hehe).

My only regret about the whole day was that I did not have a passerby take a photo of the two of us together. I was so surprised and excited it slipped my mind until much later. But I do enjoy that the formerly-known-as-cheesy statue makes me smile when I see photos of it now.

Yes, yes, I have learned how this goes, everyone always asks about the ring, so here it is:

It is from the early 1900's and belonged to his great-great aunt. I am very honored to have been entrusted with it and I am nervous about taking care of it! It is funny that the ring was not designed for me, but it is definitely something I would have picked for myself, so I feel very lucky.

Lastly, this won't turn into a wedding blog, don't worry, but I have been going crazy on Pinterest, and my wedding board is growing exponentially. Check it out here!

Any advice for weddings? Did you see the proposal coming? If you did, I want you to pick lotto numbers for me ;) Hehe, have a great weekend and give someone you love a hug today!


  1. I love everything about this!!! I am so happy for you two :). The ring is absolutely amazing and I do love that rug in the background as well! Congratulations!

  2. Yay!! The ring is fantastic! Congratulations! Does this mean there will be a Chambray Count? :)

  3. YAY! This is soooo exciting, gorgeous! What a sweet proposal and that ring is seriously stunning.
    xo Josie

  4. I am jumping up and down for you!! This is so exciting and congratulations!

  5. Gorgeous ring! Your future hubby and his great great aunt have good taste.

  6. Oh my gosh many MANY congrats to you!! Your ring is gorge and I love the history behind it. Yay!,