Monday, March 19, 2012

Sick-Day Shopping

Can my new job be winning the lottery? No? Okay, well then back to square one.

Normally I am not very obsessed with money (you always want more no matter how much you get, so why not be happy with the amount you have?) but yesterday I was in the throes of the flu (or maybe food poisoning? not sure) and needed something to distract myself from reality while sprawled on my bed like a clammy-skinned rag doll with a seriously tangled mane (it was worse than when I put my Troll dolls in the pool and the chlorine fried their hair into matted, plastic-y gobs. Ever have Troll dolls? The ones with the jeweled belly-buttons were da bomb!!)

Anyway, my happy place centered on Pinterest and online shopping for a few hours, and my most exciting find was the Burberry Brogue leather trench coat I have been looking for ever since I saw it in the runway show (I saw the show online, not in person. I wish!). I am convinced they stocked it online for the sole purpose of keeping me alive yesterday. Kidding, but it is wicked cool:

Not a super-fan of the obi belt it was styled with for the runway, but I love that it is a classic trench, plus it's leather and an awesome teal color! And check out the trim details! If I was Rachel Zoe, I'd say this coat is "bananas" but I am not cool enough for that, so I will say it rocks. There.

Only problem, it is six grand and since I am weak from my battle with the plague I don't have the strength to rob a bank, so I guess I had just better start playing the lottery... Or maybe include this in my wedding registry? Kidding, again. It is great to have such fun distractions online-- what have you found recently to swoon over? Happy Monday!


  1. Get well soon. So sorry to hear you are down with flu. Hope the sick day shopping helped to uplift your mood;-)

  2. That trench is AMAZING. My gosh. Hope you feel better soon, doll!
    xo Josie

  3. Ohh its so beautiful and the detailing is stunning:) WOW! Btw: Hope you will feel better soon, sweetie. Muah

  4. Amazing! Maybe you can find a style steal. xo style, she wrote

  5. Agreed, the trench is stunning!!! I hope you are feeling better real soon!! <3

  6. I was seriously rolling laughing at your entire first paragraph. The trolls in the pool almost killed me!! On a serious note though, I hope you're feeling waaaaaay better, and that you have a pocket full of lotto numbers containing THE ONE!