Wednesday, March 28, 2012

(Mini) Tour-de-Detroit: Architecture Edition

My fiance's brother was in town recently and we made sure to spoil him with the finest food and entertainment Detroit has to offer... We actually just went to a bunch of breweries, but A- that is the finest D-Town has to offer (kidding! or am I?) and B- that's all my future brother-in-law needed to relax and enjoy a much-needed vacation, so it worked out nicely.

 My favorite thing to do with visitors (besides get a beer... or six) is to show them all the statuesque architecture in our new city. Back home in the wild west, there aren't a lot of the antiqued, stately buildings that popped-up like weeds here in the automotive heyday, so the architecture is a novelty for me and some of my guests. Even when we don't have visitors, I will head downtown for an architecture pick-me-up whenever I am in a design rut or just need a little extra inspiration.

Here are a few photos of Detroit's fabulous facades:

I am cheating with the above picture from the gardens of the Cranbrook school because it is from last summer, but this phone picture isn't the best quality, so hopefully I can get better pictures this summer. I love the stonework detail from the school gardens (below) as well:

Above is the interior of the Grand Trunk Pub (a former railroad ticket office that is now a charming pub filled with Michigan-made brews). I love the vaulted ceilings and the tasty fried pickle spears, which is one more reason why I need a new wardrobe of stretchy pants...

Do you live in an amazing city or one like mine with a bad rap? What do you love about your town?

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  1. I had NO idea that Detroit's architecture was so beautiful! Love it.
    xo Josie