Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Getting "the skinny" on trend pants.......

Admittedly, I am a late adopter of the skinny cargo pant trend. A pant that adds bulk to my hips and tapers to a skinny leg that will no doubt be too short for my excessive inseam needs? No thank you! But I started reading reviews that skinny cargos are flattering, comfortable, go from day-to-night easily and increase your IQ (well, not that part) and my firm stance began to waver. The icing on the cake occurred when my stylish friend (read her great blog here) walked into my house with her olive JBrand "Houlihan" pants paired with a black, drapey top, mixed chain necklace and flat sandals. The proverbial light bulb went on and now I am on the hunt for my own pair of fantastic-ness. Here are three options:

JBrand "Houlihan" cargo skinny jeans at, $238
This pant is quickly becoming the hallmark of the trend, which is not hard to believe when you factor in the flattering fit and comfortable design and brand reputation. Rather than the traditional green, I gravitate towards darker washes and grey. Be sure to check out for brand new colors!

7 For All Mankind "Skinny Cargo," $169
It would definitely be worth it to try the trend from a company that makes incredibly comfortable denim. The simple design is a plus for those hardware-minimalists who tend to shy away from over-exposed trendiness.

Express "Cargo Skinny Pant," $59.90
These are a simple take on the trend and a great price for the budget-conscious or someone who only spends mad dough on the classics. Available in a range of colors, this pant seems like a great choice, but after reading the reviews (most of which are quite positive), I will leave you with a warning: "the fit and style are so unmistakeably express!"......Meaning, I would probably try these bad boys on before purchasing...

Any new trends you love or love to hate? What are you wearing with your skinny cargo pants?


  1. I lusted after J Brand's version for a few months but decided that I didn't want to spend the $230 on them because I wasn't sure how much wear i would get out of them. I bought Blank Denim's version for $98 and they are so comfortable, I pretty much live in them.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Have you seen AG's cargo leggings at all? I saw an add for that had a picture of them and they looked pretty nice!