Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Three is the Magic Number

There are many reasons to love Fresh and Easy groceries stores, but there are three reasons I love that place most of all (in no particular order):

1. Where else can you buy all natural fruit leather that doesn't taste like Wixy Stix?
2. The gazpacho. Trust me- so great! I have been craving something with pow-factor ever since a trip to Spain (3 years ago!) and unsuccessfully tried places that are supposed to have authentic Spanish fare (do not try Pepin in Scottsdale, it is cold Campbell's tomato). However, this gazpacho-tasticness is tangy and spicy and, not surprisingly-- fresh and (packed in a resealable container) easy!
3. Their new line of body products! I have been looking for products that are mineral oil and paraben free for a while now and could only find products that smelled putrid and/or were super pricey. And then I walk into Fresh and Easy today to discover their new line of lotions, hair products, body scrubs, etc- and that there is a "buy 2, get 20% off" deal this week! Product reviews to follow!

What "little things" do you enjoy? Have a great day thinking about them!

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