Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Windy City Outfit

Hello, everyone! I am back from vacation, but still sorting through my pictures from Chicago....not because I have tons of great pictures, but because I am not the greatest photographer and tend to take pictures that are out of focus or that are just plain confusing: "What is the intended subject of this one?" ..."Umm, the sidewalk? Or maybe that garbage can?"

My sister took some photos of my outfit for one of our walking around/biking around days and these photos are great because you get to see a little of the city in the background and because the subject of the photo is easy to decipher! hehe. Not the best lighting, however:

I love Target! This drape-front dress is easy, breezy, and takes up a teensy-weensy amount of space in a suitcase. And it was under $20- score!
I love this belt from the GAP. The little, shiny hexagons on neutral leather are super fun and surprisingly versatile for cinching tops and dresses.These Corso Como sandals make the outfit pop and are soooo cushy. Perfect for a day on foot and bicycle in the city (don't judge my oddly skinny toes!):

Here is a photo of my sister's outfit, too! She's a chic gal (with a chic decor blog) and loves a pair of Toms as much as I do. (Who is the awesome sister who got her the black and gold linen Toms she's wearing in the picture? Oh, wait, me!). Anyway, we had to take photos together when we realized we were both wearing black and pink!
I swear she loves me, but she does give me her "oh please" face quite often. There was another picture of us that was better, but her arms were mysteriously missing and her facial expression just wasn't as classic ;)

I hope everyone had a great weekend and, good news!, the weekend is only 2 days away!


  1. Fabulous look! Love the shoes!


  2. So cute!! I can't believe you scored that dress at Target. I have to get back in the habit of walking through there more regularly. And ps--ADORABLE sandals!


  3. Cute! Looks like a fun trip-- my home town!! I agree, sandals are adorable!!

  4. Oh gosh, those shoes. Too cute. I need them!!!


  5. I love how you tied your cute little belt, lady! And that drapey dress is stunning on you.
    xo Josie

  6. Hahah love the last one! And love your belt!

  7. Simply lovely! Adore those pink sandals. xo style, she wrote

  8. great dress! i want your belt.

  9. I have seen more flattering photos of myself, but I'll let this one slide :) Where should our next adventure be?

  10. Nice dress and sandals.