Monday, July 11, 2011

Jekyll and Hyde?

I think I love fashion so much because trends are completely customizable. You can tailor current happenings to your tastes by picking small details to incorporate into your wardrobe or embrace everything with complete abandon. In either scenario, there is something for everyone in the upcoming fall season of color-blocking, preppy equestrian looks and retro, 70's boho chic. I love all of these, so you know I will soon be posting items I want to jazz up the ol' wardrobe (like how this blog is often my shopping wishlist?).

One trend that I still love is the maxi/midi length dresses and skirts. I have been wearing them at work and at play and want just a little more in my life, so I have been on the hunt for a new item. I fell in love with two dresses online and surprised myself with how different they are:

My dark side loves this Dark Side of Day black maxi dress. The cut-outs are just daring enough Linkwithout setting off the skank-alarm and it would be perfect with sandals and a statement necklace for a night ambling about downtown.

But my softer, feminine side loves this Sunday Brunch polka-dot dress. I love the demure, neutral colors and the pleats take it to awesome status. I would add my white linen blazer for brunch (the dress is aptly named, yes?) or even to work.
Which one would you choose? And what trends are you excited for either now or for fall?


  1. I love that second dress and also second you on the maxi dress trend going on right now (although they seem to reappear so wonderfully). I am on the thrill of the hunt for more maxis in dress form. Before I thought I was too short--now I don't care! hehe


  2. I love them both -- but especially the second one! It's so light and pretty and perfect for summer!
    xo Josie

  3. I like the 2nd one. it looks great and must make you feel very comfortable.

  4. "without setting off the skank-alarm"--you slay me! The second one has my vote. I'd love to see it in solid colors, too.

  5. The polka dot number is adorbs! I'm loving cobalt for fall! Well, really I love cobalt all year 'round!